Lauren - need help

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  1. Hello, just wondering if there's a way to translate the website into English? I am interested in a bag and I don't know the price and the description :crybaby: Thanks!
  2. OOH, thanks so so much!!!:yahoo:
  3. You are very welcome :wlae:
    Glad can help!

    And..may I ask, which bag do you have your heart set for? :graucho:
  4. LOL, some of the translations are really really funny! Well, I was looking into getting the Violet City but after all the 'hard' work, it sounds like it's out of stock (though still not 100% sure it's what it said) :push:...and the price...well, in yen 167000, is that expensive? I'm sweating here...LOL!
  5. :lol: Sorry! I should have warned you that the translation could be off sometimes! :angel:

    Let me do the convertion :nuts:
  6. Okie, that is quite expensive in comparo to USD RRP as:
    167,000.00 JPY


    1,543.37 USD
  7. hmmm... has anyone ever ordered from lauren hills? pls share the experience. TIA!
  8. Whoa Nelly! That's a lot of moola! Thanks for doing that for me though AKI, appreciate it...I'll stay with aloha :p
  9. :lol::lol: I love your reply!! So honest and spontaneous!!! :lol:

    No prob hun!

    Can't recommend AR enough, but meanwhile will keep my eyes peeled if I see any Violet City :nuts:
  10. :lol: Liz, you cracked me up big time!!!

    Yes, I heard this seller is really nice...don't we wish all sellers like her *cough cough! :angel:

  11. yes, yes we do..... thats why i reckon only pf'ers should be able to sell bbags because they are always fully honest and take the right pictures!