Lauren Conrad's phone case?

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  1. Love it.

  2. Looks like Marc jacobs to me
  3. Thanks, do you know which one? Google did not return results of the same case she has.... it's cute.
  4. no sry. but I'm pretty sure I saw mj cases in this colour with dots at the store but it's a while ago :/
  5. Here is a close up pic, hope someone can id it for sure and which MJ case it is!

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  6. It looks like apples not polka dots...
  7. It looks like Kate spade phone case ...I seen them at Nordstrom a while ago
  8. Ah yes you're right, it is Kate Spade! Thanks!
  9. U are welcome :smile:
  10. I hope u are able to find it still. It's super cute