Lauren Conrad's designs for Linea Pelle - anyone have?

  1. Anyone have the LC tote that Linea Pelle just released? Any thoughts/opinions on this? It looks kinda fun and inexpensive from the pics on the LP website..
  2. I don't have the tote, but I do have the little coin purse and I love it. I absolutely LOVE the soft leather and the gold details make it super cute!
  3. I don't have any of her bags, but I do have a Linea Pelle wallet. The quality is superb and the leather is really nice.
  4. [​IMG]

    is this the one?
    i like the brown one..
  5. I have it and made the post linked about about it. Feel free to ask any questions.
  6. i really like the clutch!
  7. I think anything LC "designs" looks like alot of stuff from other designers. Its just copies of other people's stuff with little changes here and there. Shes a fake.
  8. I don't think she's a fake at all, I mean she does go to fashion design school. Also, all top designers at the catalyst for design inspiration for other designers, so there are always going to be similar designs from brand to brand.
  9. At first, I didn't thin I liked the chains from seeing it in photos (Never have been a 'chain girl') but recently I got 2 Chanels, both with chains, and I love I can give this bag a second look.
  10. I agree. I mean if you call her fake you might as well make a list of every designer. And like you said she is still going to school, learning to sew, etc. She isn't just another "celeb" putting their name on tons of merchandise when their careers are slowing down to make sure they keep the money rolling in.
  11. Yeah, for example, Hayden Panetierre (sp?) from 'Heros.' I doubt she had a large part in the design of her Dooney and Bourke bag. She doesn't even go to design school, like Lauren does.
  12. they look like OK bags, but there isn't anything that is innovative or sets them apart from any other bag, IMO
  13. I really like them. The coin purse and clutch are very cute. I like the tote in theory, but I don't like chains - my hair gets caught in them, and that's a major bag annoyance for me! I do like how they look, though!

  14. i totally agree with you. just because she went to fashion design school sdoesn't mean sh*t...i know a lot of graduates who can barely fricken sew..