Lauren Conrad's braids

  1. I love her braids, but how do you think she has them secured? They look almost pinned in under some hair? I don't think my hair would stay if that's the case.
    What do you guys think?;)
  2. When I wear braids like that, I bobby pin them down under some hair in the back. That way, the "tail" of the braid is hidden.
  3. ^^do you secure then end of the braid first w/ a small elastic??
  4. omg i think i need some sleep. pics might help! wow.
    lauren-conrad-shop-4188-10.jpg lauren-conrad-shop-4188-12.jpg
  5. I lov her braids. I would love to know how to do them. I like the ones she wears with her short hair in the front!
  6. ooo i should try that sometime! i was thinking about doing that today :p
  7. that's the french braid^^the link someone posted above has the instructions.
  8. It's really cute! I wonder if I could pull it off :wondering
  9. me to! i should experiment tonight haha :p i haven;t experimented with my hair in a long time... i use to almost everyday :shame:
  10. I started doing those braids after seeing jessica simpson in dukes of hazzards with them and used bobby pins to pin it down on the end. NOT a fan of miss simpson but i love lauren! she pulls it off much nicer!
  11. the braid should be a little tight, then secure it with a plastic coated band. (they are very small and come in a little bag of like 500 for like $2
  12. cute look!!
  13. It looks really cute!

  14. both of you totally can pull it off!:tup: