Lauren Conrad

  1. Yeah, Stephen was in White Horse.

    I loveee Lauren & Brody. And I actually think Brody's friend, SleazyT or whatever is cute.
  2. yahhh!!!
  3. Love her hair!! Gorgeous!
  4. Has LC had her top lip plumped in the past. Looks like it (has that unnatural upturn). :thinking:
  5. ^IDK, my friend's top lip does that and she hasn't had anything done.
  6. her lips have always looked like that.
  7. Her lips dont look plump enough to have had injection

  8. I love that suit, she looks great. Normally I like the bag double-chained, myself, but I think it works better long-style for this outfit.
  9. Just went through some of her earlier photos (circa Laguna Beach days) and her lips are all-natural. They're such a beautiful shape!
  10. can anyone id her sunglasses?
  11. They are Super Dupa by Dita :smile:

  12. Can anyone ID this dress?? I have to have it this summer!!
  13. Lauren filming the hills in Hawaii 2/15

  14. Fun!! Anyone know what they are doing in Hawaii???
  15. I didn't realize that was she-pratt wearing the head band.