Lauren Conrad

  1. Same here!! I love her up-dos so much. I totally fail at styling hair.
  2. I tried to do it but failed :sad:
    but now I look at it again and I think that it is a french braid on each side, it would be hard to do it on your own.

    she is so polite in the interviews, so cute ! :nuts:
  3. I love those sunglasses anyone know the brand above pic
  4. She looks beautiful but I hate the dress.
  5. Karen Walker- annie
  6. She's too adorable! Love her!
  7. She looked great on the tonight show
  8. She's looking great! Love her!! :love:

    Does anyone have pics of her on The View today she looked so good!!
  9. Book Signing at Barnes & Noble NYC June 18, 2009




  10. [​IMG]



  11. Sorry if someone already posted this but I saw in one of those weekly magazines that she and her guy are getting hitched!!!

    I'm happy for her, it seems she has had bad luck with guys and I think she seems sweet and is way better looking than any of the other girls on the Hills...
  12. Lauren Conrad Says No to Plastic Surgery

    By Eunice Oh
    Originally posted Wednesday June 17, 2009 04:25 PM EDT
    Lauren Conrad won't be going under the knife anytime soon – and it's all in the name of fashion.

    "You know what, I prefer a flatter-chested look," Conrad, 23, tells Access Hollywood. "That's just kind of me. I think it's more of a fashion look. If you look at a lot of high-fashion models and things like that, they're always you know, a little flatter ... I like the way clothes fit better."

    "Big boobs?" she adds, "No I mean ... that's what wonder bras are for!"

    While The Hills star says she doesn't have any plans for plastic surgery, she hasn't ruled out getting a few Botox injections in the future.

    "I'm 23, I think that I'm good for a little bit," she explained at a release party for her novel L.A. Candy. "I don't know, maybe later on."

    And Conrad has no plans of settling down and starting a family anytime soon.

    "I'm not someone who feels like a pressure to get into that," says Conrad. "I think that I'm still pretty young and I've got a while to do all I want to do. I think that when you have kids, it's all about them. So I think that I need to be selfish for a little bit and do it all about me."
  13. Lauren looks great! so tanned!
  14. loveeee Lauren!!! her View interview was awesome!
  15. She's on Jimmy Fallon tonight!