Lauren Conrad Style Thread

  1. Is it wierd that all I'm thinking is "I wonder if she got those jeans tailored?"
  2. ^ someone's got new Louboutins! ;)
  3. Sadly, shes quite dull to me. :sad:
  4. I too would love to know who makes these sun glasses!!??
  5. Grocery shopping on July 18 in Brentwood, CA.
    (Credit -

    001izi.jpg 003bd.jpg
  6. At Cabo San Lucas airport, Mexico -July 15th, 2012.
    (Credit -

    lconradexcflight6.jpg lconradexcflight11.jpg
  7. At LAX.
    (July 29, 2012 - Source: Gvk/Bauer Griffin)

    Conrad+jets+out+3OWgKQrUq8xl.jpg Conrad+jets+out+oRik7chCaWbl.jpg
  8. ^Like the jumper/sweater....
  9. Can anyone ID this outfit? TIA
  10. I believe it's paper crown
  11. At LAX.
    (July 31, 2012 - Source: Gvk/Bauer Griffin)

    Lauren+on+two+cellphones+y_U5zCTwMi_l.jpg Lauren+on+two+cellphones+Oi9GvIkx9Wcl.jpg
  12. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

    Lauren has written a style advice book and has multiple fashion lines, so can she put some effort?! At least put on a wedge or a funky necklace or something!
  13. ^ love her fashion lines, personal style however, not so much.
  14. Out in Brentwood, CA.
    (August 11, 2012 - Source: Rcf/Bauer Griffin)

  15. At the Kia Beach Party held in Malibu.
    (August 12, 2012 - Source:

    Lauren+Conrad+Celebs+Kia+Beach+Party+Malibu+3lg5ynwlASil.jpg Lauren+Conrad+Celebs+Kia+Beach+Party+Malibu+shi2J4YBiqol.jpg