Lauren Conrad purse

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  1. Hello,

    Can anyone ID it?

    thanks so much!:smile:

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  2. it's by Rebecca Minkoff :biggrin:
  3. Rebecca Minkoff
  4. thanks ladies!
    any of you know the exact style?
  5. It's the Rocker.
  6. thanks!:P
  7. It's $330 without tax, and currently it comes in a orange/coral (papaya) color with gold studs, a metallic steel color with silver studs, and lavender with silver studs.

    I'm sure you can probably find the black (pepper) with gold studs lurking around somewhere on some retail sites.
  8. i just bought this bag last week :biggrin: absolutely love it!
  9. Who has this bag or where did you get the black one? everyone is a pre order right now. Thanks in advance
  10. jsc6, do you have pics? :smile:
  11. ^there are several pics of tpfers rockers on the RM subforum :yes:
  12. i bought it at a boutique in Vancouver. it's called BluBird.
  13. It's so cute!
  14. Could you post the link? I haven't seen pictures yet :smile: