Lauren Conrad LP bags!

  1. I am really diggin' the Lauren Conrad bags from Linea Pelle. The leather feels really nice, which I think is so iconic of LP bags in general. If anyone hasn't seen the Lauren Conrad bags from LP, then check it out.

    I have the clutch in the olive color, and I looove it!

    Does anyone else have anything from the Lauren Conrad collection?
    I think the collection so cute...not to mention I love her TV show! :love:
  2. I have the tote in black. I like it, and I agree the leather is wonderful. I have too many black bags though, so it's just been sitting in it's dustbag in my closet unfortunately. I do love it, but it may be time to move it out so I can move a new non black bag in,haha.
  3. ^ Do you have the black leather tote with gold chain straps? I've been eyeing that one! :graucho:
  4. Are you a representative of LP? Just curious, all your posts have been promoting the line. :p
  5. I want one but i don't want to buy it on line. I want to be able to hold it and touch and make sure it what i want.
  6. Nope. I just really love LP bags.

    I am fairly new to The Purse Forum, so I haven't posted anything about other brands yet. I mean, I've only made less than 20 posts since I started membership.

    I guess I'm just a fanatic about LP bags and like to talk about them.
  7. Welcome! I'm glad you round a line you like -- I checked them out and they are very nice.
  8. I love the black tote- the best part is the price IMO!!
  9. Hey you guys--check out these other Lauren Conrad bags. I've been wanting to post about these but was waiting for the right thread!! I am in LOVE:love: There are more colors if you click on Linea Pelle in the left hand column, I just loved the tobacco--tee-hee.:beach:
  10. This is maybe a strange question but Im just curious... Celebrities and well known people have their names on everything these days. I know some of them have a hand in some of this products but Im sure a lot of them really don't have as much say as they may say they do...or not so much as much say but I dont think they are as involved if at all like they say they are. Maybe I am wrong. Do you think Lauren Conrad really designed these bags or she was photographed with the bags so many times and is in design school that Linea Pelle thought they would capitalize on her name and status or do you think she is actually having a real hand in this? Im sure she is since this would go a long way to promoting herself as a designer in the future but sometimes I wonder.

    **Sorry girls & guys, I know I have to seriously learn to summarize my thoughts in one or two sentences, not a novel.
  11. I know not many like the Lauren Conrad line by LP ... but that olive tote is seriously growing on me. I really love the color and think that it would be a very wearable bag. I've been debating on that bag for a while;)
  12. im not sure that im a fan of her accessories. I do, however, have a Linea Pelle bag that she wore in the hills. I was watching the episode (I believe it was the one when she first met up with Jason after their breakup, at the coffee shop) and I believe she had a white one. Anyways, I saw it, and I was like "THATS MY BAG!!" I so started the trend lol.
  13. Here are some pics of the black tote for those interested:

  14. Thanks Melissa :flowers:

    That's absolutely gorgeous!!! :girlsigh:
  15. Wow... Thanks for the pics xmelissax! You have really got me thinking about that black tote... :yes:

    Looks perfect for toting around work stuff... hmmm