Lauren Conrad line...

  1. Has anyone purchased anything from this line yet??

    Heres the website..

    She doesnt have much of a selection, but her stuff looks cute, and its pretty reasonably priced, although a little plain.
  2. grrreat....more ways for a rich girl to get richer. I wouldn't pay $48 for a pair of leggings...especially made by her. blah
  3. I didnt see the leggings, yea, those are pretty pricey for a pair of leggings. But the price for everything else is pretty good. IMO
  4. a lot cuter than what i expected, but waay to pricey IMO.
  5. seems like she just copied the designers she wears...not very original
  6. A friend sent me this earlier.

    Good for her for trying a collection and doing what she went to school to do. I bet alot of her friends/fans/family will purchase the stuff. None of it strikes me as incredible quality or attention to details, it's cute though. I like how she named a dress after Lo and Audrina.
  7. lol @ ^.

    i don't really like the stuff, nothing new.
  8. I love the dresses.
  9. I was thinking the same thing as far as her doing what's she going to school to do but I think the line is plain and really pricey..
  10. I don't like reallly seems plain and boring to me.
  11. her line it cute, not original but I still like it.
  12. even though it's simple, i think it's cute.. great way to let your accessories shine.
  13. Looked at her stuff earlier and just fond it very boring and blah. Ella Moss, Vince, and Michael Stars do it better.. i'll stick with them!
  14. I would like it more if it was made for everyone, just not skinny ladies (no offense to those of you that are blessed). Oh well...too bad I liked her and was excited to purchase. Guess I'll just have to look...
  15. Looks okay.
    The only piece that I was draw to (Katherine wrap) I already own a super similiar one by Calvin Klein.