Lauren Conrad launched her collection at Shop Intuition

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  1. I saw this too..... nothing really special...
  2. I can't say I'm impressed. It's all very plain. The dresses are kind of cute.. but not at those prices. Even Paris Hilton's collection was better. :x
  3. nothing special... totally agree with the comments made before me... very plain!
  4. Falling asleep as I type from this collection. It's American Apparel with inflated prices.
  5. Oh gosh. I can't believe she has her own line. Her style has always been very safe and totally BLAH. She looks like every other LA girl who always sports the same mid-market brands they all do without any creativity. Lauren practically lives in flip-flops and sundresses and this makes her qualified as a designer? I've never found her to be very innovative or interesting when it comes to styles or trends.
  6. Ugh. I don't understand why she has her own line. These are recycled designs, IMO. The prices are outrageous for the fabrics and what you are getting. However, I am sure that die hard Hills fans will want to wear what she does, so I'm guessing it will be successful for a bit, at least.
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    but yeah.. nothing special :tdown:
  8. ITA!:tdown:
  9. Recycled designs ... trendy basics that are going out of style....
  10. Not very interested. Besides, she's not even that famous.
  11. It's not interesting but the dresses aren't bad. Her style is very very LA. In the summer, especially when I'm lazy I wear flip flops, nice bag, and a dress like the ones she has designed. No brainer outfit that always looks cute.

    I think I might get the Audrina dress. It's cute. Looks so comfy!!
  12. its really plain.
  13. Not worth the price, IMO. Not very interesting at all.
  14. snore.