Lauren conrad gabrielle skirt sizing??

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  1. Anyone know how this skirt is running?? I want to buy it for a specific event and I won't really have time to send it back and exchange size if it is wrong. All help greatjy appreciated TIA:heart:;)
  2. 0 or less is Xsmall
    2-6 is Medium
    8 and large

    I have seen her clothes and this is a rough breakdown of the sizes
  3. What size would small be??
  4. what skirt?
  5. where did you find this skirt at? This is the same one that she wears in different colors right?
  6. thanks! i've been looking around for that skirt for a long time!
  7. 2 would be small and 4-6 would be medium.
  8. so cute!!
  9. I saw this at nordies....

    It's a high waisted full swing skirt by LaRok.

    FYI - it's $196 online (don't know why) but if you go to that store it's $76.90. I got both black and green :shame:. I can't help it, the price is great. The skirt is very cute. My fav are the pockets :tup:. I would never pay $165 for a Lauren Conrad high waisted skirt.

    What you can do is buy it online and get a price adjustment at the store. Or you can go to the store and see if they have your size, if not the SA can track one for you and mail it to shipping this way. Good luck and I hope this helps.
  10. I dont like the LaRok one as much but great price
  11. which store was this price at?? I never saw this price near me
  12. I really like that Lauren skirt. If anyone gets it let me know how the size runs!
  13. So tell me more about LaRok....... I know nothing and just got a really great LaRok top and now I wonder what theyre all about!
  14. I just ordered mine. So excited since I had to save for it. I will post about the size once I received it.