Lauren Conrad Black Chanel Flats

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  1. I figure I would start in the shoe section..Ever since I saw these black Chanel flats Ive been looking for them everywhere. I can only find them black with a white bow..I want them all Black like Laurens.(4th Lauren from the left).Any help Would be great!!! TIA!!!

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  2. have you tried eBay? are these a current style? if you can only find B w/ W maybe you can dye the white bow
  3. I looked on Ebay only white bow...Not sure when they came out. I cant find any crediable sites even selling the white bow ones...I would dye if I could even find anywhere selling them......thanks for your help
  4. I can tell you that one of the French Connection coats in her book is from last year, seeing as I bought it in another color. Those shoes are probably an older style also?
  5. these shoes were from a few seasons ago (2-3 years ago?). i wanted these, but chanel totally sold out in my size. if i remember correctly, it came with white, pink, black ribbon.
  6. Thanks everyone!!...I figured they were from another season I tried searching the internet but no black on black :sad:
    I noticed alot of the stuff is from past seasons..I guess by the time they take the pics put the book together and it comes out its 2 years later :sad: