Lauren Clutch.. Do you have it, do you use it? Pics would be awesome

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  1. Hi All,
    I have my eye on the Gigolo Red. However, I am not much of a clutch persona and this bag is pricey. I see two second hand online for around $1500 but they are Aqua. So, the resell is not fantastic. I am trying to be patient and see if a red one turns up one of these days. I'd love to know what you think of yours. Is it practical as far as clutches go? What color do you have? How do you use it? I have a casual life so it would be be going out with me in jeans and a blazer most likely. Thanks so much for your thoughts!!!
  2. I don’t have one, but several here do and post their OOTD and etc photos in the BV in Action and What BV Are You Wearing Today threads... such a pretty bag!!!
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  4. Thank you! I did see this one. Just hoping to revive a bit of interest in it and see if once it is not new are people actually using it. Thanks for reminding me of these pics!
  5. I carry a lauren clutch nearly every day. Either the gigolo red or the antique silver.
  6. I am very much a casual dressing kinda girl, but I got the Lauren in Gigolo Red a few weeks ago and I'm in love with it. I've only had the opportunity to use it once, so far - it's not quite practical enough for me to use as an everyday bag. But I'm trying to find reasons to pull her out and show her off - she's gorgeous! I've never owned a clutch in my life and never thought I would like them, but this one changed my mind.

    My husband and I had a weekend getaway to a local resort last weekend, so I used Lauren when we went to a nice dinner (photo below). We have a fundraiser gala next weekend, and I'll be planning my outfit around the bag! LOL

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  7. You look beautiful! Thank you so much for telling me how you are using your clutch and for posting a picture!
  8. Thank you, Lahuis - that's really sweet! And you're welcome, I know how much it helps to see pics when it comes to purses! ;)
  9. You are looking great! I Love the Lauren Clutch in Barolo!
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  10. I’m eager to see how you wear your bag to the upcoming gala.
    (As I’m retired, I find going out to lunch with friends to be a perfect clutch activity......if your schedule permits.)
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  11. Yes! I would definitely be using it for that, if only I was retired! LOL Someday... But I do like the idea of using it for weekend lunches or dinners with friends, even if they're not fancy.
  12. I carry mine while wearing jeans 95% of the time. Think it adds just a bit of polish to my usual extremely casual outfits.
  13. You are naturally classy. You don't need the bag to spruce you up gal!!
  14. Thank you!
    Good thing I didn’t post a photo of my outfit this morning: sweat pants dragging on the floor, xl T-shirt and oversized sweater. It was too much of a challenge for any clutch in my closet. Just a mug of coffee as my accessory....:yes:
    I’m really hoping that the new BV designer adds more clutch designs....
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  15. I keep looking at your clutches with envy. I have not made the transition from carrying a big bag empty to a smaller bag full, lol. There is something about being able to open up a great big old bag and seeing everything in it that works for me. Now having said that, why have I talked myself out of the cervo loop. I should rethink this!!
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