Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

  1. Having 2 different colours for this concealer- one pink based and one yellow based, it can be mixed and blended to match the exact colour of your skin tone. It's highly pigmented and covers blemishes seamlessly. All you gotta to do is use a concealer brush (must be synthetic hairs) and swipe both colours on the back of your hand. Your body heat will melt the concealers and make it easier to blend. It lasts ALL DAY, and it really really good. You can use it on top of your foundation or on bare skin. You'll end up with flawless and even skin. Whoever is looking for a fantastic concealer MUST get this!!!
  2. I'm going to look into this. Thanks.
  3. I'm always searching for a good you think this one is good for under the eyes? I'm concerned with the ones the would accentuate the lines.
  4. This is a great concealer!
  5. I like this one. I've been using it for years. It's very dry... but the dry concealers usually stay on better.
  6. She has 2 concealers, one for the face and one specifically for the eyes and i think the secret camouflage is the one for the eyes.

    i tried it but it always streaks for me and accentuates my lines around the eyes. maybe i'm not doing something correctly... could be the powder or something. i dont know :crybaby: but i've heard good reviews about it

  7. ^nope. It's not. The secret camouflage is for blemishes/ acne scars and imperfections. For under eye concealers, i think it's called Secret Brightener. Alternatively, you can use YSL Touche far the best under eye concealer.