Laura Mercier Products?

  1. I noticed several people here used Laura Mercier products. I was thinking about trying a new brand for blush and eyeshadow and I was wondering how well you liked them? Do they have staying power? Do they work well with oily skin?
  2. I LOVE Laura Mercier products. They are very clean-finishing and long-lasting. You get the glowing, made up look without looking "made up." I used their makeup (and stylist) for my wedding (bride+mom+4 bridesmaids). And I've been using LM since.

    Definitely get a makeover at the LM counter, but only with a LM makeup artist. The makeup artists work for Laura Mercier (not the department stores) and are hired to travel around the country doing makeovers. They make no commision and do not work for the stores. The department store should be able to tell you when an artist will be in town, generally at beauty events but I did catch one (and snatched her to do my wedding) on a random weekend.

    The LM artists are fabulous, but I think the department store counter artists generally are bad :tdown:. I have pretty much every makeup item you can own from Laura Mercier and a few brushes. The only thing I would skip is the mascara. It's okay, but I prefer Shu Uemura. Oh, and I prefer Creme de La Mer for moisturizer.

    But whenever I do the whole routine, I get lots of compliments that "something looks different, but it's not the makeup" (but it is).

    Good luck.
    P.S. I do NOT work for LM, but they should pay me for advertising LOL. I recommend it to all my friends.
  3. If I only they were sold in my area!! I'll make sure to let you know how I like them if I ever come across some!
  4. You can order this line from I've only tried the lipstick, but I do like it a lot. Doesn't last too long, but no less than any others.
  5. I just went to a Nordstrom beauty event and had my makeup done at LM. I liked it a lot! I bought some shadow and eyeliner as well as a couple of brushes. I love the eye pencil, it's nice and soft for a good smoky effect if you want it. They have nice eye colors and a good non-sticky lip gloss (though my favorite ever lip gloss is still La Prairie).
  6. LM is great. I did move on to trish mcevoy, but I still add on with LM, with foundation stick as a concealer, some eye shadows, brushes, and their loose mineral bronzing powder. you can't go wrong.
  7. The mineral powder and bronzer are amazing!!! I tried the oil free tinted moisturizer and although it looked gorgeous on, it made me break out.
  8. I totally love their products.....Her oil free tinted moisturizer is like no other.....her colors are just right...and the lipgloss, one of which, I am never genius.....

    Alot of celebs and makeup artists swears by them too...totally try it!!!!!
  9. Love her products. Heard lots of raves about her tinted moisturizer like pp said. I :heart::heart: her mineral powder. I use that as an allover base and it looks so natural once it melts into my skin. Her Stickglosses are amazing and have a great smell although I wish I could say the same for the rest of her lipsticks (gross old lady l/s smell!). Her oil cleanser is TDF and the eye shadow consistency is smooth and non-chalky. The lip glosses are smooth as well and I recommend her brushes as well as cake eyeliner.
  10. I'm not entirely fond of the entire makeup line. I tried their moisturizer, which stung my eyes, their eye shadows and the blush. Didn't care for any of them. However, I love the lip gloss. For me it is a must have. It stays on really well.
  11. I just got their tinted moisturizer today. I'm a guy, but I hate blemish scars and stuff. This, however, looks very natural. It just covers the blemish scars just right. I also have the concealer...very very good.
  12. I use the tinted moisturizer. It's really expensive, but it gives a good flawless and most importantly, a NATURAL looking coverage. I don't like that cakey foundation look.

    Have yet to try anything else from her line.
  13. i use her tinted moisturiser and yes it does sting my eyes too as does anything with an spf factor. so i am just more careful when i am wearing it.
  14. Her tinted moisturizer is the best! I use it every day!
  15. i use all her products. i dont really like her shadow selections but everything stays on sooooooooo long. i get compliments all the time on how perfect my make up is. all the women in my family think i have perfect skin cause i look flawless, the truth is i have blemishes like everyone else its just that lm products are amazing.