Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer

  1. Product: Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer

    This product was awful and it completely broke me out. I used Laura Mercier's regular tinted moisturizer since my college years, and it is the best tinted moisturizer on the market, in my opinion. When I mentioned to the SA at the Laura Mercier counter that my skin is getting a bit oilier with the summer months, she suggested the oil-free version as a good alternative. Wrong! This tinted moisturizer made my skin even oilier and it streaked like crazy. As of this moment, I have four huge pimples forming on my face and it hurts like crazy. Stay away, especially if your skin is sensitive. I will be exchanging this for my regular tinted moisturizer.

    Price: $42 for 1.5 oz

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    Any Laura Mercier counter in department stores, Sephora
  2. ^ Oh my god. I haven't tried Laura Mercier's foundations, but like I mentioned, I LOVE Laura Mercier's Primer (hands down, it's the best), just the "normal" regular one.

    I had run out of my primer & went back to the store. I accidently bought the OIL-FREE primer (got mixed up because I use Mercier's oil-free moisturizer, but I don't use the oil-free primer).

    ...So I'm back home & I'm applying what I thought was my new NORMAL Mercier primer but I realised that it didn't look right. I mean from the color, smell, texture... I realised that I had bought the oil-free version... despite the confusion, I tried it out anyway...

    BAD IDEA. It was THICK & I just wouldn't have expected this to be an OIL-FREE. My skin couldn't breath in this & I started to break out. It was just completely wrong.

    I'd say the normal version of this primer is suitable for oily skin - it's a light gel that glides on, stays all day & will never ever get sticky or greasy!!

    Wow... so interesting you should mention this with the oil-free & normal tinted moisturizers, pinkinthecity!!
  3. I initially thought it was something else that was causing the breakout, so I am glad to hear that I am not the only person who had a problem with Laura Mercier's Oil-Free products. The SA tried to sell me the oil-free primer, but I still had half a bottle of my regular Laura Mercier primer so I told her I may pick it up next time (although I was tempted to buy both to use together!). Based off of your experience, it was a good thing I held off. I guess the message here is to stay away from Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer and Primer! The formula is completely different from their regular stuff.
  4. Glad I read this because I use the LM primer and love it . . . (I have combination normal/oily skin) and I am about to run out and was going to get the oil free version. Guess I'll just stick to the original.

    Thanks for posting!
  5. I also tried the oil-free tinted moisturizer and found the same results as the OP... and I was just using a bit in Sephora to see what it would look like (also used their regular full coverage foundation) and was not impressed how it worked on my sensitive skin. I think I'll be passing on any liquid solutions like this from LM. That said, I have yet to have any issues with the powders.
  6. Thanks for this review! I have been wanting to buy the oil-free version for almost a year now, but I was waiting until I ran out of my Bobbi Brown oil-free foundation. I think I will try the regular tinted moisturizer first.
  7. ^Definitely get it somewhere you can return, if it doesn't work out for you.
  8. Tried it - didn't like it either!
  9. Good idea -- thanks!
  10. I use it and love it! I do have sensitive skin, but so far I haven't had any break outs.
  11. ^^I've been using the oil-free primer and oil-free moisturizer and love it also! I have combo skin and have had breakouts for years. I was using MAC primer, studio stick and powder but as soon as I switched over to LM, my skin cleared up and I haven't had a break out since. I guess it depends on the individual. It may work great for some but not for others.
  12. do you guys use the primer with the moisturizer, or do you just use primer in combo with a foundation?
  13. I tried this and hated it too!
  14. Personally, I have hated all of LM's primers........they worked for me about 7 years ago and now all they do is break me out!!
  15. i'm getting worried now... i've always used the regular LM tinted moisturizer, but i do have oily skin... so i just bought the oil-free version.... i hope it doesn't break me out! :sad: