Laura Mercier Mineral makeup

  1. Has anyone tried the laura mercier mineral powder makeup? I purchased the mineral primer and the powder in classic beige. I have fair to medium skintone and the classic beige was too dark for me. So I called LM and asked them to suggest the next shade down as I couldn't really tell from their website. The CS rep said that I needed Rich Vanilla, I just received it today, but it also seems too dark. I'm getting slightly frustrated. I don't have a sephora in my state or any place that sells LM so I have to order online so I don't have the option to test the color first.

    When I purchased bare minerals makeup I purchased the medium and it was a perfect match, but I just can't seem to get it right with LM :hrmm:
  2. Hi

    I'm pretty pale and I use the real sand. I was really unsure at first about choosing a colour as I live nowhere near a LM counter (I'm in the UK). However, real sand is a good match for me and I like to use the primer underneath too.

  3. I am not pale, not dark, but definately tan, and Rich Vanilla is too dark for mr although thats what all the salesgirls choose for me. I pick Tender Rose and thats perfect!
  4. Wow! Really?? Tender Rose - that's the palest shade isn't it, with pink undertones?

    I'm from the UK and am fair, definitely English Rose complexion and not tanned at all. I thought the Tender Rose was too pale for me, I think (thought!!??) I look much better in the Real Sand

    Just a bit surprised that this shade is what suits your complexion if you're tanned. But if it looks good and you like it then that's the main thing! :smile: Maybe I should go back to the counter and look at Tender Rose again!
  5. I got it and the color selection is very very limited. The SA I had was horrible. She picked out a shade that I found out was 2 shades too dark for me. I had to pick out the color myself
  6. I was wearing the BE in medium beige, so when I was looking for a shade in the LM, I found the rich vanilla. The name makes you think it's really pale, but it's not. It matches me perfectly. I really love it.

    Also, it doesn't make my face itch like the BE does once in a while.
  7. I actually wore the Rich Vanilla to work yesterday and the color seemed to be fine. It looks really dark in the jar though. I don't know that I would want to go any lighter. I also have the LM mineral primer, so on Monday I'll try using them both together.
  8. I love LM mineral makeup. I have real sand and it's a great match. I find it's even better with the mineral primer.