Laura Mercier Mineral Makeup Users...Did you buy the mineral primer too?

  1. i've been using giorgio armani luminous silk foundation and pressed powder, but today i've decided to try out laura mercier's mineral powder makeup, bronzer, and blending brush. i also bought the mineral primer and brush...for those of you who use LM's mineral makeup, do you use mineral primer beforehand? is this a necessary step or can i forgo using it? TIA!

    btw, what's the story behind bismuth oxychloride in mineral makeup?
  2. i just looked on LM's website...there's a mineral finishing powder too? i didn't buy this essential as well? TIA!
  3. I don't have LM but I have smashbox's primer and I use the primer as the first thing for my make up
  4. supposedly bismuth is an irritant to some people

    some people dont need primer, some people do. personally I think that a foundation that costs $40 should look good enough w/o primer :rolleyes:
  5. I use LM MMU and use the LM oil free primer before hand. I couldn't use BE as the bismuth didn't agree with my skin. I've had no reaction to LM though, I really like it. I think primer is a personal choice, personally I find it helps keep my skin shine free longer than if I don't wear any.
  6. hi, and thanks everyone for responding!

    i really like LM MMU, but i do notice a little bit of itchiness afterward. i have sensitive skin, but it hasn't reddened from the products.

    i'm going to try out the finishing powder. i'm assuming it's like BE's mineral veil.
  7. I had been a faithful user of Bare Minerals Foundation and Mineral Veil for almost 4 years. My skin is a little sensitive. I would always notice a little itching right after application and then it would go away.

    A few weeks ago, I tried LM minerals, and I won't be going back to Bare Minerals. I think they're so much nicer. No itching at all for me. Huge differencen and I think my coverage was better and more even.

    I am going to invest in the primer and the finishing powder and see how it all works together. It's time for a change!

    I think a primer is necessary if you have a lot of imperfections in your skin, or you have wrinkles, etc. At almost 50, I need all the help I can get. LOL
  8. hi piperlu! i did the whole process with LM MMU again, and i figured out it was the mineral primer that made my face itch. today, i tried MMU with LM oil-free foundation primer this time, and itching was very minimal. tonight, i'll try out my mac oil-free lotion before MMU.

    btw, i bought the finishing powder. the mineral bronzer is placed on after the finishing powder, which i found a little different since w/ BE "warmth" is applied before mineral veil.
  9. oops, i meant to say MAC oil control lotion.
  10. LM mineral makeup is soooo much better than BE. The powder is more finely milled that it looks more natural on my oily skin. I've been meaning to get the mineral primer and mineral finishing powder (which i assume is like BE's mineral veil). I used BE for many years too and won't be going back because I'm in love with LM's mineral makeup.
  11. hi ally24k! i'm loving my LM MMU too, but i hope i'm using the correct color for my complexion ~ real sand. the SA seemed unsure about choosing colors, but the rich vanilla seemed slightly dark on me anyway. btw, i'm filipino w/ light complexion and yellow undertones.

    i also assumed that the finishing powder was like mineral veil, but it's applied on after the MMU and before bronzer (if used).

    well, i returned the mineral primer and brush today. looks like LM oil-free foundation primer sample tube works fine for me. :smile:
  12. ^^ I use BE fairly light, LM mineral makeup in tender rose, and LM tinted moisturizer in nude if that is helpful at all.
  13. thanks ally! i think i'm just a tad darker than you w/ yellow undertones. i've used LM oil-free foundation in sunny beige and BE's light.