Laura Mercier makeup

  1. I have her eye brightening powder (which is awesome!!!!)

    tinted moisturizer, primer, eyeliners in : black violet, black turquoise, black navy, extreme black and copper

    I'm thinking of getting her mineral powder and wanted to know if anyone tried them yet....

    also, any other products you like from LM?
  2. I have never tried LM make upp but keep hearing good things, anyone know if her make up range includes colours for darker skintones?
  3. I love the Shimmer (Brick? Block? - Bobbi Brown has one with a similar name) in Mosaic. I brush it lightly on my cheekbones and I love how it looks. I also sometimes use one of the color in the block as under brow highlighter.

    I find that Laura Mercier has wonderful products that really compliment 50-ish ladies as well as all of you fab younger women!
  4. I like the eye shimmers. I'm not exactly sure what they are called but they are those eyeshadows in the tubes. Just a bit on my eyelids -- perfect for resort.
  5. I would definitely check out her translucent powder. Also, I LOVE the lip gloss in Ambre Rose! (and the bath products-- YUM)

    I actually used to be a Laura Mercier SA. Great job! :tup:
  6. I love the tinted moisturizer. It blends nicely and leaves your skin with a healthy glow and it looks smooth.
  7. I have the mineral primer and powder. I love it, but I will say it took me a few try's before I found the right shade for me. And since I don't live anywhere near a LM counter, I had to do my purchases and exchanges online, which was a little frustrating.
  8. I mix the tinted moisturizer with the moisturizing foundation - a few drops of each - fantastique!
  9. setting powder, good stuff :tup:
  10. I love Laura Mercier foundation primer and the translucent loose powder. Both I buy/use regularly. The Secret Camouflage concealer works well too.
  11. Secret Finish is GREAT for those who use mineral powders or pressed powder makeup. :smile:

    Oil-free Primer is awesome for foundation :smile:
  12. I LOVE her mineral makeup. It really stays on all day and doesnt leave me shiny and oily looking by mid-afternoon like BE.

    I use medium beige for BE and Rich Vanilla for LM.

    Highly Recommended!
  13. Kind of tangential, but has anyone tried the lip stain?
  14. i have the mineral primer, foundation, and finishing powder. it is awesome! so much better than BE.
  15. Makeup primer and tinted moisturiser. I love them. I don't own any more (at the moment).