Laura Mercier: Holiday grab bag $40 ($200 value)


Oct 22, 2010
Long Island
Just ordered it. Thanks OP.

Quick question though...
when I was checking out there was another thing in my bag which I hadn't added myself. It said "gift bag" and it was $65 and then price adjusted to $0. Did this happen to anyone else? I am a new customer so I assumed it was some sort of additional deal. Whatever it is, I hope its good! :smile:


Bendel Girl
Sep 29, 2010
Great deal, thanks for posting! I also got the $65 free gift on my list, im not sure what it is but i'm certainly excited!
Aug 14, 2009
I just tried using the code and it said at the top in red "your order already contains this" or something along those lines, even though nothing else is in my cart. So I'm going to continue checking out and see if something pops up. I'm a new customer so maybe it automatically does?
Aug 14, 2009
Yep, that's exactly what happened. Once i finished entering all of my info and clicked to the next step (it doesn't submit your order, even though you put your cc info in) the gift shows up. It's valued at $65, though I couldn't tell what it is.

I'm a new customer so I didn't have to put the code in, but perhaps if you aren't a new customer you could try the code?

Also, don't forget to click on special offers in the upper right hand corner before you check out. Then you can click on free samples and pick out 3. I think they are deluxe samples. Since the order is more than $15 youll get 3.

Thanks OP for sharing this deal!