Laura Mercier grab bags: $300 worth of full sized items for $65! 3 sets available

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    I got one of each...couldn't resist!

    Light & Fresh Grab Bag $65.00
    Ideal for fair skin tones, Light & Fresh includes the following full-size items:

    * Margaux Eye Colour
    * Eye Book
    * Midnight Caviar Eye Liner
    * Linen Eye Basics
    * Pink Diamond Lip Glacé
    * Sterling Nail Lacquer
    * Undercover #1
    * Opera Cheek Colour
    * Mini Translucent Loose Setting Powder
    * Chocolate Truffle Crème Body Wash
    * Sugar Cookie Candle

    Sunkissed Grab Bag $65.00
    Ideal for medium skin tones, Sunkissed includes the following full-size items:

    * Sparkling Diamond Mineral Powder
    * Midnight Sun Eye Colour Trio
    * Mahogany Brown Eye Liner
    * Chestnut Caviar Eye Liner
    * Apricot Face Tint
    * Wheat Eye Basics
    * Sugar Plum Lip Colour - Stickgloss
    * Persimmon Lip Plumper
    * 24 Karat Nail Lacquer
    * Almond Coconut Milk Candle
    * Undercover #3
    * Black Granite Long Wear Eye Pencil

    Dramatic Grab Bag $65.00
    Ideal for deep skin tones, Dramatic includes the following full-size items:

    * Mauve Sunset Eye Colour Trio
    * Black Ebony Eye Liner
    * Titanium Metallic Crème Eye Colour
    * Glamour Faux Eye Lashes
    * Bisque Eye Basics
    * Azalea Cheek Colour
    * Violet Lip Glacé
    * Avant Garde Nail Lacquer
    * Nuit Enchantées Eau de Parfum
    * Chocolate Truffle Soufflé Body Crème
  2. any freeshipping code? :smile:
  3. No...I tried one, and it didn't work. Shipping for all 3 was just $5.95, if you buy one or all 3.
  4. Thanks for posting this
  5. You're welcome! LM's stuff is fantastic :smile:
  6. so tempting.. i need to stay away.. my makeup is overtaking my
  7. Wow! Thank you! I just got the Light and Fresh. Such a good deal!
  8. thankfully I have money in the budget for this.. yay! The first concealer won't work for me though :sad: I know I'm a #2 *sigh*
  9. This is fantastic! I have been trying to find the Apricot Face Tint for the last 6 months! Thanks for the post!
  10. Thanks very much for posting! I couldn't resist and ordered the 3 sets! :nuts:
    I will just gift away whatever I won't use! :P
  11. Oh, man...just as I was getting ready to go on a no-buy for makeup :thinking:
  12. Thanks thanks thanks!!! I missed the sale on Gilt last June..this one's so much better!:happydance:
  13. ooooh this is beautiful i got two sets the first and the last
  14. Thanks for posting!
  15. What is the eye book?? Is it an empty pallette or does it come as shown?