Laura Geller

  1. Has anyone tried it ?
  2. I have! Her products are pretty good, and love the cute packaging.
  3. I am forever devoted to her Berry blush. Love!!
  4. The 'spackle' is good..and every day I use the 'Balance & Brighten" and go over it w/ just a bit of "optilusion"..these really even out your skin tone and doesn't look like you're wearing makeup..LOVE IT!!!
  5. The Bronze and Brighten is a great bronzer that doesn't look orangey or too heavy like some other brands do. I use it during the spring/summer months.
  6. My sister was on the show last weekend modeling this, i ended up purchasing 'spackle' and 'Balance & Brighten" I only just got them 2 days ago, so i havent really got to trying them.
    So thanks for the heads up :smile:
    BTW what is this optilusion? thanks
  7. thats awesome :smile:
  8. Her powder pencil eyeliner is great. I just got it and it's the only thing of her's that I've tried so far. I will definitely be buying some of her other things.
  9. The spackle Laura Geller has and the bronzer is pretty good. You can purchase her products from QVC and try them for 30 days. If you decide you don't like them, you can return them for a refund.
  10. Bagfetish: Optilusion is like a translucent/pearly finely milled powder that gives your skin a healthy glow..I very lightly dust it over my face-the very last thing I blends eveything and just gives your skin a bright/finished look....hard to describe...I use it on bare skin too before flying out the door sometimes..I love it and it lasts forever!!
  11. ^^ never heard of it. I didnt see it on the page.. must be something that isnt available here.
  12. Hmmm, let me check that out.
  13. I love her Bronze n' Brighten!