Launer of London - The Queen's Handbags

  1. I placed an order this morning and found they can emboss initials or even your whole name(up to 20 letters) OP- not sure why they misinformed you, maybe they misunderstood the request? Anyway, I noticed in the mens wallets and the credit card case section they offered personalization and then this morning I received a reply from Christine saying could also do the ladies wallet. After much thought I ordered a credit card case to use as a wallet when I carry a clutch.I just purchased a lovely pink Chanel camellia wallet in lambskin, full size for everyday use and I also have a french Chanel wallet in black I carry in my smaller flap/shoulder bags. I chose the black calf leather case, with pink lizard interior and I customized it with my initials and also added four rolled gold corners to the case. I'll post pics when it arrives! For now, this is a pic from the website of the one I ordered and I added a pic from another site just to show the difference of adding the rolled gold corners.
    Luxury_Credit_Card_case_(9).jpg Luxury_Credit_Card_case_(4).jpg imagesCA5LADOD.jpg
  2. That's wonderful! Can't wait to see it!
  3. She also said they could do the multi colored lizard interior on the ladies wallet, but as cool as that looks I think the bright pink lizard is more my style. I can't believe I completed the order and forgot to add one of the cute coin purses :sad:
  4. The bright pink lizard is the one I almost picked too!
  5. Thanks Charleston-Mom for sharing your thoughts about the products and leather. It is definitely worthing trying and much less than the Bearn I have been considering :smile:
  6. You're welcome! You will love it I think if you purchase one. I'm just so thrilled with mine. I was showing it off all day today - making excuses to pay for things - ha ha!
  7. Wow! These items look to be top quality. That is the great thing about TPF, you find out about brands you never would have an idea of. I am going to check out their website.
  8. A few years ago I purchased a Hermes Dogon wallet at the NYC boutique. At the time I bought it I was taken in by the velvety leather, but after using it for a time, I found that the interior leather was too soft and easily became dented from the conservative amount of cards etc I kept in there. The design wasn't my favorite because it was a bit difficult to manage without both hands completely free. Even still, had the leather been slightly more durable I probably would still be using it. The lesson I learned (at least for me) was that wallets need to be the perfect combo of supple but durable leather (plus the gorgeous look!) So far I have replaced the Dogon with a black gucci for winter, the pink Chanel for summer and hopefully this Launer of London card case will seve as either a business card carrier or mini wallet depending on my need.
  9. These are GORGEOUS, thanks for the tip-off! :smile:

    I agree with NikkisABagGirl, I'd never have found these just through googling, can't believe I hadn't heard of them already, I'm a bit of a sneaky fan of our Royals, on the sly... ;)
  10. Just earlier today I had conversation with DH that I want to change my 3yo LV Mono Sarah to a leather one, thinking to get in Empreinte. But after checking Launer's purses and the price. OMG I want the exotic yellow medium size purse. And the price still lower than Empreinte Sarah. Thanks OP for bringing up this thread. :hugs::heart:
  11. Be sure to look at the sizes - it was a little confusing when i was ordering. I ordered the large purse and it's smaller than my zippy or my PTI (just slightly). It's absolutely wonderful!
  12. Wow! Love their wallets especially d pink lizard skin. Anyway knows if they ship overseas(ie Asia) for exotic skin wallet?
  13. I'm pretty sure they ship anywhere in the world, but you could email them and check.
  14. Add me to the list of those loving the pink lizard.

    How do you like the stirrup clasp? Easy and comfortable? It is the most stylish of the choices, IMHO.

    Is there are color chart somewhere of what is available? I didn't seen one on the website, and am a bit to lazy to work my way through all the individual pictures.

    Thank you for bringing this treasure to our attention.
  15. Your wallet is TDF and I love the pink lizard and MC lizard. How much extra do you think it added to do the customization? I would love a credit card holder but not in black leather. Also those coin purses would make such adorable bridesmaids gifts if anyone is getting married and looking for a unique gift item. I feel like I need to order something for the Royal Warrant alone!