Laundry Question

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    I wear a lot of white shirts and sometimes I will accidentally get a small stain on them (makeup, food, etc). Is there anything I can do to make the stains go away? I tried adding bleach along with my regular detergent, but the stains are still there. I've also tried immediately wetting and scrubbing the spot as best I can with a towel. I'm also looking for any general tips on keeping whites clothes sparkling white.

    Also, please help me win a long-standing argument with my BF. If a shirt is equal parts black and white, should it be washed with the whites or with the darks? I won't say where I stand as to not influence the results.
  2. i spray shout on the spot...and let it sit for 15 min and wash it...usually does the trick.
    the harder the stain the longer you let it sit.

    the black/white shirt...i personally would not wash it with all whites...may be mixed color?? i usually do dark, mixed, and white.
  3. How about you carry the tide to go stick around with you so you can handle the situation on the spot?

    I only use them when on vacation but they work pretty good.

    Bleach can actually ruin the clothing.
  4. bleach will cut down the life of u r clothes.. i have natural tip.... use citric soda or lemon juice on to thestain.. and then wash i i while using detergent in slightly hot water...
  5. Vinegar and baking soda? I used to put vinegar in the white towel wash along with fresh lemon juice and my towels came out WHITE!

    Baking soda will make your clothes "crispy" if it's not washed out because it acts a bit starchy/minerally.
  6. I love my Tide Bleach pen!!!! When I worked, I used to keep one in my desk drawer. It really works ON WHITES.....not on colors. You don't want to use it on colors.
  7. I use a Tide pen if I have one, but if I don't I spray the stain with Shout as soon as I get home.

    And if a shirt is equal parts black and white I was it with the darks :smile:
  8. I hate the yellow sweat stains on white shirts and I discovered vodka takes care of them!
  9. It has to be chlorine bleach and you have to use a warm or hot setting, or it won't work... I do my whites with 1 cap full of All Free Clear (or Purex unscented) detergent, 1 cap full of Downy Free & Sensitive fabric softener, 1/2 cup of Borax and about 1 cup of chlorine bleach, if it's a full load. The whites come out spotless and blindingly white every time...

    Btw I put striped stuff in with colors. I only put all-white stuff in with white loads, because I use the bleach.

    Oh, and I pre-treat with Spray n' Wash w/ Resolve for any really stubborn stains. I like it better than OxyClean, Shout, etc. It works really well.
  10. I use OxyClean for stubborn stains. Dissolve some in a big bucket full of water and let the clothes sit in there for a few days. Almost always works!
  11. you can mix oxyclean or borax with your whites. and i normally do black/white combo with the mixed...i too do a dark, white/lights, and mixed load.
  12. Shout all the way! I was at a BBQ on 4th of July and I had a beautiful white knit, ruched BCBG new top on...and of course the ketchup bottle farted when I picked it up and I got ketchup all over my top! Seriously, it could have been a TV commercial, LOL. My friend the hostess got me a top to borrow, put liquid shout on the stain, in her laundry and more ketchup! HTH!

    As far as the black and white shirt bet, I would do a mixed load in cold water.
  13. fabae........ITA
  14. I use OxyClean too and it seems to work well.
  15. Yay! A new reason to buy more Vodka!

    I totally agree w/ the Tide pen...I never leave home w/o one. Then you can just use shout and wash :yes:

    I wouldn't wash anything with some sort of dark color with plain whites.