laundry horror story

  1. i was doing the towels in the basement, and i loaded the last towel into the washing machine and out popped a GIANT thick brown spider!!!! it burrowed into the washing machine somewhere, i'm not sure where, and i screamed and ran upstairs.

    I can never do laundry again.

    i hate spiders.
  2. :flowers: Well, now you have a really good excuse to never do laundry again. Just kidding, I know what you mean. I walked into the hallway last night, and there was a huge one in the middle of my path. Took 4 slams of a shoe to do him in. He was too big to catch and let go.
  3. Okay, now I can't do laundry either! I'm quite sure that your spider has a distant cousin who is now hiding out in my washing machine! I HATE SPIDERS! I hate them so much that I CAN'T kill them myself. I just don't want to get that close, thank you! I'll wake my husband up in the middle of the night out of a sound sleep to kill one if I see it. And will threaten him with an ugly divorce if he complains about it. There is nothing worse than stumbling downstairs half asleep to get a drink and seeing a spider in the hallway or kitchen! It makes me dizzy just thinking about it!
  4. I live in Hertfordshire and we have the biggest house spiders in the UK here :shocked: (because we're a relatively long way from the coast).

    I'm scared of them too, but I never kill them (or any other arachnids :smartass: :lol:, or insects).

    They are good to have in the house, because they keep the insects at bay.

    If they grow too big and scary, I keep a pint glass and a piece of card handy and I use that to catch them and put them out. :biggrin:
  5. EEEEEEEEEEEEEK spider!!!!!!!!!!

    When I see them I scream or get dead silent and RUN OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: ​
  6. I hate spiders too they r the scariest things ever. Do u ever wonder why we r so scared of them. We r so much bigger than spiders. I know they r fast and ugly. I had one crawl up my arm and I was sitting on the passenger side of my friend's truck. She was doing 80 when I looked down and saw this spider running up my arm and I screamed and wiped that sucker away. I'm not even sure where it landed on her I hope. We are no longer friends. To this day I can still feel that feeling gives me shivers every time I think about it.
  7. I'm friends with the daddy long legs that lives above my shower, but the thick big-as-my-shoe need-a-blanket-instead-of-a-tissue-to-kill-it ones are terrifying! My cat enjoys leaving dead mice on my doorstep for me, and recently he's been leaving rats. It's really gross, and he doesn't understand English, so I don't know how to tell him to stop.
  8. spiders freak the crap out of me too. One time four of my friends and I were in a car, driving to the mall when I saw a spider (it really was the size of a comma or something). I freaked out and yelled bug! bug! which started my friend in the back yelling and screaming. He even partially opened the car door in panic when the car was still moving!
  9. I hate spiders too! I saw one in the dining room once, and for the rest of the week, I ate in the living room.
  10. I freak out with certain insects. Silverfish, centepedes, spiders, cockroaches....I don't mind ladybugs or ants that much though.

    I'd scream too if I were in your shoes.
  11. I hate bugs of all kinds. But spiders, man, they just wreck me. I can't even go near it. If my husband is not home, I will spray it to death with windex or hairspray and literally leave it there till he comes home. I just can't do it. YUK!!!! I was getting my 6 year old son to kill them but then one day he started to cry and yelled, "Mommy, I don't want to kill anymore spiders! Their scary!" I felt sooooooo bad and thought, okay, I reaaaaallllly need to do something about this bug thing!
  12. I hate spiders, I will literally faint if I see a spider:yucky: :cry:
  13. I usually just catch them and put them outside, but my older daughter has a special spider scream.:amazed: I can always tell when she sees one. The scream is usually followed by "MOMMM!" I bring a cup and a card:lol:
  14. lol you guys are too much!

    I think i know why i hate them so much. When i was about 3 or 4, my best friend and I were playing in her patio and her dad and my dad and some other of their friends were out there and we were looking at this spider on a web. Her dad says "watch out, it could be a jumping spider" and at that moment, it jumped towards us! We were terrified.

    looking back now, one of the dads might have broken the web to make it "jump" when really it was just catching it's own falling body, but who knows.

    i have bad arrachnaphobia now, and panic and get itchy when i see them and i cry. bleh.
  15. I would rather see spiders crawl out of the washing machine any day then have someone go thru my clothes in the dryer in my absence and steal all of my husband's pajama bottoms and underwear. Yeah! It really happened. What kind of sicko does that?