Laundry by Shelli Segal

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  1. Hi all,

    I am new to this forum - you guys have such great taste and ideas!
    I have my eye out for a new bag, and I am loving the slouchy, soft leather of a couple Laundry by Shelli Segal bags, but I am wondering how durable/ long lasting they might be? Does anyone have any raves/rants about these bags?

    Any input would be appreciated - thanks!
  2. wish I could provide some input, but I know nothing about her bags. But if you love soft leather I recommend Bulga. TDF leather!
  3. Where online could we see some of these bags? (I'm too lazy to do a search). I don't know what the price range is, but some Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are very soft and slouchy (the totally turnlock line), and Bottega Veneta bags (higher priced than M by MJ) and Balenciaga are very nice leather.
  4. Love the look of some of her bags on zappos and Bloomingdales.
  5. You can see some of these bags on the Nordie's website too:

    Laundry - Handbags -

    The leather is really nice, I am just worried about how durable they might be.
    Thanks for your input! :yes:
  6. OK, I looked at the ones at Nordies and Zappos--they look really nice. No idea about durability, tho, but the styles are fine. The draped leather look is good, IMO. At those prices, even if they didn't last a really long time, they're a bargain compared to a lot of bags these days.
  7. is having a sample sale for laundry tomorrow! They have great deals on all of their sales, up to 70% off. You must sign up. Plus they have a great webzine that keeps you up to date on all of your fashion and trends. It's my newest favorite.:tup:
  8. The ones that I have seen sure last a long time and look great.
  9. I bought one for a coworker, it had really nice soft leather. Don't know about durability though...
  10. I have a farrah espresso tote that I used for work. Super awesome bag I could fit everything into there (laptop, notebook, mouse, cosmetic pouch, wallet, camera... etc. etc..) . I've used it for about 2 yrs everyday as a consultant travelling and haven't had any problems with normal wear and tear (scrapes here and there from shoving it under the airplane seat). It's the best purchase I've ever made and the style is great! Super durable. The hardware on the front buckle did have a little mishap but some super glue fixed it. (the metal part holding the chain popped off). Always got tons of complements on this bag too. :smile:
    I think the "type" of leather finish has a lot to do with wear and tear. Total thumbs up for Laundry by Shelli Segal!

  11. ^^^^^ Gorgeous bag!!
  12. Wow what an old thread! :nuts:

    Aznkat, what a pretty bag!
  13. lol I didn't even notice the thread was that old, haha... I think the hautelook sale was for laundry by design not laundry by shelli segal? unless they're the same thing... but I didn't see any handbags?
  14. Just for future reference these bags have the SOFTEST leather I've ever felt.... and are pretty nice.... but not that durable for everyday use. I have a brown wristlet that I LOVE, but its coming apart.. and a big white one that the white started coming off of almost immediately. I'm guilty of toting around a Vera Bradley because I'm so sick of ruining the leather on nice purses. I know very little about expensive purses, but I have found that Coach is more durable than others. I have a Juicy Couture pink fluffy bag that got ruined within a week of having it.. dirty and a water spot. I have no idea how to fix it or clean it, so I give up!
  15. I have one I purchased at Macy's for under $50 two years back. It's very soft leather and looks very expensive. Wears really well, I don't baby it and take it travelling, etc. The only wear I see is on the handle, but I expected it b/c it's extremely soft leather and not protected. The handle feels very soft like a piece of fabric. Otherwise, no wear issues and I am happy with a lot of compartments inside. The lining is a tad cheap but for the money, I don't mind at all. It has softer leather than all of my designer bags ( gucci, jimmy choo, bal).