Launch of new Jenny Yuen website

  1. it's finally up!

    some really hot colors and styles for Spring '08!
  2. Yeah, I got that email too! But wheres all the bags? Like the Gatsby and Murphy, and other Cleo's? Im ready to BUY!
  3. There are some gorgeous new colours aren't there? I love the grey, lilac, orange and yellow. I'm going to hold out for the newer colours before I take the Jenny Yuen plunge.
  4. i love the Gia in Acid Yellow and the Orange Hitchcock!
  5. I like the aqua sherlock and agree that the Orange Hitchcock looks pretty good too. (And I usually hate orange.)
  6. can't wait till her bags go up. Do you ever find them all sale? I love her sherlock bag in the garnet. I do need my first pink bag :biggrin:
  7. Weird? I didn't get the e-mail :sad: but i love the new site!! OOH they have the garnet and elephants for sale on-line... hmmm decisions decsions....
  8. I love Jenny Yuen bags. They are all so perfectly designed. :love: