Launch date for mystic bag?

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  1. Hi, is the launch date known already? Tia
  2. I'm told boutiques will begin to receive it in May.

    Will be interesting to see how it looks in person....seems to have a Hermes Kelly/Fendi Peekaboo vibe.

    I love it in this pic
    Although, in some pics it seems to pitch forward when hanging and remind me of their ill-conceived Sway bag....which concerns me.
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  3. Thank you for answering!
    Yes, it was the same pic that appealed to me, while in others it looked too big and “awkward”. I’m really curious to see it in real life.
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  4. This style dropped last Wednesday in G boutiques and online. They have an exclusive until it hits department stores, etc. in May.:coolio:
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  5. Love when they release these behind the scenes snippets
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