Laughing hysterically... LV ladies don't you love LV competition?


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Dec 27, 2008
Okk.. So this is going to come off as mean and self centered- but I know you guys would enjoy!

There's this girl: let's call her "A". Who USED to be a friend of a friend... She had a very brief "fling" with my ex bf whom I haven't been with for 5+ years. Ex bf and I still talk from time to time... He's the sterotypical "I had one love of my life... It didn't work out, no settling down for me".

"A" and ex-dbf had a "casual" type of relationship which ended abruptly when she wanted to "date seriously". He told her that ever since me he's not ready for a gf... I guess she took it as I'm a threat (don't see how considering I've been with my current dbf for the past 5+ years). When they were casually dating exdbf called me- and mentioned how she wanted a relationship... All I said was "I don't think she's your type" (which he said he agreed and everyone told him this). Not his type meaning= party girl and very loud/obnoxious bar fight type. Even though I'm not with dbf anymore I think he's a great person and hope he finds a "nice girl" one day.

Anyways back to topic:
She went to the extent of finding me on Facebook to call me all sorts of names, imply my current dbf doesn't love me (ya, he's been with me for 5+ years he must hate me!lol) and call me "jealous" etc. She told me that ex-dbf still talked about me all the time/compared every other girl to me... So she implied that me and him MUST be having an affair and she was going to tell my current dbf.

I tried to reason with her (didn't even call her names) that its not true etc. Even offered to meet with her to discuss like "adults". She would have none of it to keep going.

She ended up blocking ME on Facebook and continued (somehow) to scope my profile and say nasty things about me on HER profile (I've yet to do anything about it- nor do I care).

Anywaysss.... Sooo yes there's some pics of me rocking a lot of LVs on Facebook. Recently my profile pic was of me carrying LV NF in Damier. And lots of my friends commented on my outfit/my bag.

I found out through a friend this morning that *her* current display photo is of her with a Damier FAKE Speedy (complete with feet and longer handles and some luggage tag). Her caption is:" who rocked it better? ME! Jealous girls suck!".

Under her photo is a bunch of comments from her friends saying: "greattt bag! Can't believe you know someone who has access to the Louis Vuitton outlet.. Share your secret with me"

Sorry for the longg rant- just thought it was funny! Wanted to share! Geesh!


Sep 16, 2008
The internets a mind field ay! very jealous nasty piece of work she is by the sounds of it!...did you call her out on the Fake or did you not lower to her tell...I would like to think i'd not lower to her level but it would be so hard to resist after the abuse she's dished out!

TPF's a great place to off load...we're here to hear your rants :hugs:

^^^ yay! scott.cs...I agree add photo but blur face we wana see!

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If you can, you could maybe burn her speedy lol. She sounds like quite the character....... quite stupid


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Jan 5, 2009
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wow.. she sounds utterly insecure.. poor thing..
you have done nothing wrong, and would not need to justify it to her..
she will, someday, come around.. i mean, come to her senses.. :P
in the meantime, do post the fake speedy she's apparently ROCKING!! :graucho:


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Sep 30, 2008
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LOL at her but srry u have to go through this horrible mess with her... omg!

I agree with Scott.cs but dun post her pic here... post in the FAKE LVs thread! LOL :P

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Jun 25, 2009
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wow, this girl has some issues... i would not have been able to prevent myself from commenting on that photo. I hope you post it here, i want to see how bad it really is! How embarrassing!


Jan 3, 2009
I would put on my profile where she can see, I would rather die than rock a fake!