Laughing Cow Cheese!!!

  1. Yum!

    Anyone else love this cheese?

    I like to eat it with RITZ crackers..

    I am such a fatty.


  2. Laughing cow light garlic and herb on a wasa cracker with a slice of turkey...OH FAV snack.

  3. love it!!

    ..i am actually eating the light one right now with ritz. LOL!

  4. LOL *raises hand* I toast buns in the oven and eat it on that. :smile: So good!
  5. Yummmmy, I eat it with believe it or not...a banana! A bite of banana and then a bite of cheese, haha, I'm so weird...but try it! It's good!
  6. Yes it's nice, supposed to be low fat so not so bad???????
  7. I love Laughing Cow's light wedges!! I like to smush it between some turkey slices and make deli roll-ups as a snack. Mmm I'm hungry now :p
  8. me!! i grew up with laughing cow cheese. so yummy
  9. I eat them by themselves (usually the small cubes). I have a hard time finding the small cube ones, so sometimes I get the wedge and eat the whole wedge by itself. I also eat them with crackers.
  10. I like it with green pepper slices!
  11. Going to the frig right now to grab a wedge! Love it!
  12. I love them!! I ate them for practically my whole life.. tried the spreads (ohh that was back in 95)
  13. I looove them!! I always have them in my refg.:heart: :love:
  14. When I was on the south beach diet/atkins this was like ALL I ate lmao. Now I can't stand it! :lol:
  15. I just tried their new french onion flavor and it was yummy!