1. I caught this one too!!!
    It is so gross!!
  2. Holy crap, is that pleather??
  3. It's almost as good as the "Donna" leather.
  4. all her bags are "like new nice"
  5. lol! must be pleather!
  6. wow, I've never seen on like that. With the rivets in the back. She doesn't say it's authentic, but she doesn't say it's not. She said it's original.

    Is that nylon or pleather? I can't tell. It's just that bad.
  7. Well, at least she's not pretending it's authentic, with that 99 cent starting bid! :smile:
  8. It looks like she stiched the tag herself! :smile:
  9. ^^ Even so, that's better than my handiwork, lol! I'm dismal. Prolly sew my finger to the bag, hehehe!
  10. omigosh, it's only 99 cents gals, HURRY, SOMEONE GET THIS BAG :yahoo:
  11. Shhhh!!! Don't start a bidding war!
  12. oopsy, sorry, didn't realize you had your eye on it too SS:yahoo::lol::yahoo::lol:
  13. You betcha! Little beauty such as this? Of course! It's on my watchlist.

  14. It's pleather alright! I've seen a line of pleather balenciaga bags being sold in night markets in HK... I should really take photographs of the fake balenciagas I see in Bangkok.. Some are pink and glittery!