Laughable fake Papillon

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  1. OMG! The poor bidders are probably falling for the 100% feedback! :evil:
  2.'s just UGLY!
  3. This is what I sent the highest bidder... [I felt sorry for them...]:

    The LV Papillon you're bidding on is FAKE!!! LV never made a Multicolore Papillon!!! Even if LV did, this bag has the wrong colors... it's supposed to have 33 vibrant colors, not the same 6... and a real LV bag is made out of LEATHER, not plastic. I hope it's not too late to cancel your bid...
  4. Horrendous! That was nice of you jm311.
  5. poor could they not know though? isn't it kinda obvious?
  6. One of the worst fakes the "fakers" have ever come up with!
  7. The colors are horrible. :sick:
  8. LOL! :lol:
  9. Wow, this is such a hideous fake! :sick:
  10. lol that bag looks very very fake
  11. waiit arnt the monogram pieces are made outa canavs?
  12. why do these 100% sellers ruin their reputations just for 180.00 ....thats horrible
  13. you know they don't look at it like's all about $$$$...

  14. The seller had the balls to message me back and tell me this:

    The handles are leather.

    I laughed and told him... HA HA HA. PLEASE!!! I know plastic when I see it. If you really think it's 100% authentic and that the handles are leather, ask a MyPoupette Reseller... they'll tell you the bags is fake and made out of plastic... Also Papillons are supposed to have upside-down LV's... Just admit that your bag is fake... you're not fooling anyone...