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  1. I saw a lady this morning with a fake City B Bag with a Chanel CC logo on it. I busted out laughing.

    I *WISH* to God I'd have had a camera. I'd have gone up to her and said "OMG Can I take a picture of your bag?" And then after she posed with it with pride I'd have said, "Your bag has got to be the worst fake I have ever seen!!!" Am I mean? But what is the point of carrying a fake when you don't even know what you are copying?
    I guess she couldn't decide between a B-bag and Chanel :cursing:
  2. :wtf::wtf::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I WISH you had a camera also!!
  3. :busted these people sicken me. This lady must be a friend of the lady I saw who had a Gucci bag with the Coach "CC" all over it.
  4. I can't even picture it, I wish I could see it. Anyway, at least it gave you a good laugh. :roflmfao:
  5. Oh gosh - you have to hunt her down and take a photo of it PLEASE!!!!!

    I would have wet myself if I had seen that - I'm dying to know exactly what it looked like - where was the logo???
  6. If you want to have a big laugh, you should go the The Grove in LA. There is a stand that has the most hilarious fakes I have ever seen.
  7. I know that brand. I think its called Chalenciaga!
  8. Some people carry "fake" bags without even knowing it's a copy of anything. I know 98% of my friends have NO idea what Balenciaga is.. so I'm sure the majority of the population wouldn't.
  9. Most people don't care. These bags cost between $20 and $40, there is no reason to care if you (though I can not imagine how) like it.

    I can understand why most people are not willing to spend $1,000+ on a bag, it is a lot of money for a bag, but I still love what I love.
  10. At a street stall selling fakes, I saw a brief style 'balenciaga' with giant hardware and on the front it had a metal plate that read: 'D&G'

    I actually laughed....
  11. I agree with verty... most people don't know what Balenciaga's are and just see the fakes for sell and like them... on the other hand some do know and do not have the $$$ I guess for the real thing. To all of us that are use to AUTH ONLY the fake look sooooooooo bad that we are like NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY because they are really bad.
  12. I agree with verty also. I know it can sometimes be difficult to have an objective opinion on a topic that you are very knowledgeable on, but I think it is important not to judge people based on their possessions. There is a very real possibility that the lady was carrying the bag because she liked what it looked like and had no idea that it was intended as a replica. I don't really see how humiliating her would have solved anything. I'm not trying to instigate an argument, I just wanted to put in my two cents :smile:
  13. ITA with lovemel.
  14. I second that.
  15. :tup: I totally agree with lovemel.
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