laugh line and existing wrinkles

  1. Hey ladies... wondering if anyone can recommend some GREAT "line filling" serums or creams or anything. I am in my early twenties and i have good skin EXCEPT horrible laugh lines! its so weird. they are very prominent. i dont think im looking for products that firm or ton because my skin isnt saggy at all, just these two deep lines!
  2. i've begun getting laugh lines. i'm planning on getting facial lipo (around my mouth to make it less pronounced) or fat injections to make them go away.
  3. I have been using prescription retin-a .05% and Neutrogena Rapid Repair day/night lotions for my laugh lines and they are definitely softening. I'm 26 btw.
  4. Interesting! How much do you think you'll spend? And how long will it last? ( if u don't mind me asking )
  5. Going to try this neutrogena! Thanks so much
  6. I have laugh lines too and I'm 28. Mine aren't very deep though, but I kinda like 'em :shrugs: I bet all of you look super cute with yours too...they give a little bit of character.