Latte & Moofia All over T-Shirt!!

  1. My BF just came home and brought me the cutest tokidoki t-shirt I have ever seen :love::love: It's got pink & blue lattes in love all over it!~!! :yahoo::yahoo: Moofia is on it and the has the cutest tag on the sleeve w/blue haired girl on it!! OMGGGGGGGGG...has anyone else seen this t-shirt yet??? I'm wearing it and I :heart::heart::heart: it!!
  2. PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!! It sounds incredibly cute!! :biggrin:
  3. Is it the one on the blog? The one hanging up on the hanger? [​IMG] Or is the shirt from JapanLA?
  4. GAAAAAAAAAAH, that's it! THAT'S IT!! Is that a hoodie??? :confused1: OMG...SOOOOOOOO's like Latte Heaven! :drool::drool:
  5. I think the one in the picture is a hoodie lol. I haven't seen them selling it yet..where did he get yours from? I probably won't get one cuz i'm on ban..but just curious :smile: Lucky girl!
  6. LOL its sooo cute!! SO many lattes!! :biggrin: Jen you're so lucky your bf surprises you like that! haha :tup:

    OMG is that a pile of tokidoki uchiwa fans on the bottom of the closet?!?!! If they're just gonna put them there, give me one.. or 20!! :nuts: Uchiwas are awesome :biggrin:
  7. I think that is uchiwas one of the other pics on the site there's toki panties.
  8. [​IMG]

    UNDEROOOOOS!!! :nuts: I know they have tokidoki bikinis in Europe!! They posted pics on this same site before!
    Why wont they make them in the US?!?! :sad:

    I see more uchiwas on the bottom :smash:
  9. Thanks guys, I :heart: this t-shirt more than any other toki t-shirt I have. He got it today at Metropark. He said they were just unwrapping them, so mine was actually still in the plastic bag!! He bought me the all over momo t-shirt the black and white one, that's solid white on the front, while he was in Dallas and it looked awesome on but it had a hole in the armpit :cursing:. So he went to return it and they just got these t-shirts in today!! :tup: He knows how I feel about the lattes :love: Now, if there's gonna be a hoodie...I need that too!! :rolleyes:
  10. Awww so sweet! Now you definitely need the matching hoodie!! Tons and tons of lattes!! :yahoo:

    ^^^^ I wish they would use the black Rocker dude and those records on the upcoming bags!!
    I hope they're using these new characters on other stuff!!
  11. Ahh, very cool. I'm guessing these are the $44 shirts eh? haha. Blahh I want one! haha...I don't need it though :sad:

    And yes I remember seeing the bikinis, panties and other stuff from the European site...but ehh yeah they're holding out on us!
  12. I wonder if Jamie @ JapanLA has this t-shirt or the hoodie. I haven't seen it on her site. :confused1:

    Jess - You're right, I think it was $46.
  13. Dang, the prices are going higher. Hey JenY, do you think you could take a picture of it so we can see the front view? If not, it's all right I'm sure it'll pop up soon enough lol.
  14. Wow.. 46.. for a tee. Cant help that its cute! :smile: They should make more tanks too! I think Latte would look cute on a tank top :love:

    I hope you find your hoody! Maybe you can email Jamie to see if she'll be getting them in??
  15. Let me try to take a pic w/the cell phone :idea: