Latte Characters?

  1. Which print has them on it the most? They are two of my faves!
  2. L'amore has 2 together. And it's a fairly small print... so you're likely to get them on a L'amore bag.
  3. adios stars have latte's on them o.o pink and blue!

  4. I know..I think I may need something in this print just because of them!:graucho:
  5. hehe, when i ordered my as zucca today the SA told me theres a pink Latte on the front :heart:
  6. Famiglia has Latte's kicking soccer balls...

  7. Tan Playground has all the lattes, pink & blue together and brown by himself :tup: The cammo prints also have the lattes. It depends on what size you want the lattes to be on your bag. On Cammo & Famiglia they're small, They're big, on Adios star, L'Amore and Tan Playground. Original print only has blue latte by himself no other lattes existed then so you probably don't want that one.

    The lattes are my absolute favorite too and they're my favorite on the Tan Playground print!!

  8. So exciting!! Did you get it from the outlet?
  9. i got a AS zucca and bambinone, and a inferno bambinone :yes: cost like 370-ish~ im excited Diane said it should be mailed tomorrow :yahoo:
  10. I love the lattes on my Tan PG BV..i was lucky to have them on both sides of the bag~