Latisse users--have your eyes changed color?

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  1. I think you are playing with fire-it took several years for my hazel eyes to gradually turn a dark, dark brown-irreversible!
  2. Trust me, It takes awhile and by then it is too late! I did not notice until my eyes looked like black pin holes in my photos! Then I ran across an article that explained the possible side effects of Latisse. I am sick!
  3. All I can say is: it takes time. You won't be very happy when your blue/green eyes turn dark, dark brown and there is nothing you can do to correct it.
  4. Please! tell me the name of your doctor! Can he correct eye discoloration?
  5. I go to Ava Shamban in Beverly Hills for the under eye sunblock/cover up. I do not use Latisse daily. I also use a different brush than the one supplied by Latisse. I use a thin mink eyeliner brush on my top lid in the morning. I don’t have the dark under eye circles anymore, but my lashes are not as impressive. My irises are still brown. I would stay away from Latisse for anyone with lighter eyes.
  6. I have pale blue/green eyes and have used Latisse for almost 9 years without any change in my iris color. I guess it doesn’t happen to everyone. I will add that Latisse doesn’t work for me like it used to. My lashes still grow long but they aren’t thick or dark like they were the first couple of years. I’m afraid to stop using Latisse, but I don’t love it anymore and it gets expensive for such underwhelming results. Just my experience.
  7. I noticed this thread in the New Posts & began reading THEN noticed the initial question was from 2015. Is anyone in the recents looking/asking for info?
  8. I've been using it for 3 yrs or so and the result was really good, didn't have any eyes color changes tho
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  9. I don't know why you would criticize this person when she is giving a very valid warning to others about the eye change! My eyes did get darker over time and I would like to get the word out, watch out! I did not put the Latisse in my eye, as some suggest, my husband is an optometrist, I've helped him in his office. Eye color change happens to some people who use Latisse, it may not happen immediately-I only noticed after a few years! I would rather be safe than sorry and would advise anyone considering this that there are very real negative consequences.
  10. I did not notice for a few years that my eye color had changed! I saw my eyes in pictures and thought they looked like black holes-Only after I read an article about the possibility of eye color change using Latisse did I realize this was what had happened! I have compared pictures from before I started and after, they are really darker! My ophthalmologist said he would have warned me about that possibility if I had been his patient at that time. There is no reversing.
  11. Well, good luck. Just be warned from someone who had this happen.
  12. Yes, I just found this site and I have posted about my experience with Latisse eye color change. I have contacted Allergan. My ophthalmologist says he would have warned me about this side effect if I had been his patient at that time.
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  13. @Piedbald, I am a long term latisse user & just wanted to see if this was going to be an active thread or if the one recent post was from someone like me who didn’t notice how old the thread really was at first.
    I used Latisse brand for a couple years as needed. Medication causes my lashes to fall out badly. I love the brand version, not so much the new, not much cheaper generic. The generic is thinner than water & most of it ends up in my eyes.
    My opthamologist never mentioned side effects, but I read all the drug info that comes with it so I knew there were possible side effects, as with any medication. And yes, after 3 going on 4 years, my eyes have changed from an unmistakable green to a bluer color with a slight gold in the center - which looks odd as my family members are all green-eyed. Another side effect that happened sooner is that I have a very rosy pink line along the application line. This is unnoticeable with makeup of course. I’m not happy with that eye color change but I will certainly put up with it to have lashes & as long as my vision is not affected (I’ve worn glasses/contacts since age 4). I am really grateful that this drug is available & will continue to use it - but will go back to the brand when I run out of the generic.
  14. Would either of you be comfortable posting photos of the change?
    Personally I am still staying away from Latisse on my lashes, but I use it on my brows where it's been great.
  15. My apologies - I am a lousy photographer plus my phone has a lousy camera so these pics are pretty lousy and a little creepy!:lol:
    I just got out of the shower so lashes are kind of stuck together & going every which way. This one w/o flash.