Latisse users--have your eyes changed color?

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  1. i have used revitalsh and that hasnt had any effect on my eye color, although it is dark brown to begin with so I dont think it would be noticeable.
  2. I realize this is a very old thread, and any replies will probably have no use to the OP, but perhaps they could be of use to someone else. I've been using Latisse for about 3-1/2 months now and am very pleased. As it was mentioned earlier in the thread, eyes changing colour is extraordinarily rare, even when used as drops directly onto the cornea. When it is used exclusively for eyelashes, it should not enter your eye at all, and if it does, it would be in incredibly minute amounts. Likewise, I cannot understand using enough that it could possibly migrate down one's cheek. I use barely enough that I can feel the applicator is damp; there wouldn't be nearly enough for it to go anywhere else.

    And despite using so little, I have had incredible results. I went from short lashes that even lengthening mascara did not help much to wearing no mascara at all. All I need to do now is curl my lashes (they are still stick-straight; Latisse has not changed that for me), and people have still asked what kind of mascara I use. I now use it every other evening, just once every other day. I have very slight darkening on my upper lash line, but with makeup it is imperceptible. I've had no change at all in the skin below my eyes (since it is only supposed to be used on the upper lashes and I don't use enough for it to migrate) or my eye colour. I have nothing but rave reviews for Latisse.
  3. How long did your results take? I had great results a few years ago and got lazy. Resumed recently and I am so impatient!
  4. This might be a dumb question, but where do you get Latisse?
  5. I started noticing a difference within two to three weeks, but did not have full results until about 6 weeks. After two months, I started using it every other night instead of every night.
  6. It doesn't effect my eyes but it does make my lids a little darker
  7. the only way i would use latisse is if i had brown eyes. i have blue so i am too scared to try. it's a shame bc it looks like great results.
  8. I completely agree with you. Even with there being a slight chance of color change it's not worth it to me. I'd rather keep my green eyes and wear mascara or false lashes everyday. If I had brown eyes, I would definitely be using it. :cool:
  9. My dermatologist almost rolled her eyes when I asked her about the eye color change thing. I'm not sure how much of an urban myth it is and how much it really happens. She was very nice in responding to me but it seemed like she gets asked this all the time and for her it has no basis in reality. I still haven't tried it, but I'm curious!
  10. Where do you get Latisse? Do you need a script?
  11. lol I never used Latisse but Careprost which is a generic and i swear it stained my eyeball.. not changed my eye color which is brown but stained a small tiny part of the white of my eye.

    I knew a friend whose husband worked at the eye doctor and he said he could tell by looking at someone's eyeball with the magnifying machine if they used Latisse....
  12. I have used Latisse namebrand for several years and it's never changed my eyes at all. My eye doctors only know I use it because it's on my chart. I see two regular ones and a specialist eye doctor (I have my entire life.)

    Those stories about Careprost are exactly why I won't try it. I don't know the origins or it's handling, Ill stick to the real thing.
  13. I agree. I've seen photos of iris changes on RealSelf that scare me. I have green eyes with blue rings, I like them, and even the slightest risk of color change is not worth it.
    I understand that the original tests were with glaucoma patients placing it IN the eye, but if the risk were actually nil I think they'd do another trial just to kill the myth. My doctor says it's still a small but real possibility. Rapidlash or extensions for me!
    ETA: Yes, I do know the blue rings in my eyes are from high cholesterol - I have very high HDL. Makes for cool eyes AND protects my heart!
  14. I have blue/green eyes and after years of use have had no color change.
  15. Just wait! It took several years before my eye color changed to a horrible dark brown! And the dr. says that it is irreversible!