Latisse users--have your eyes changed color?

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  1. Hey girls!

    So I've had some longstanding hormonal issues that have caused a bit of shedding around my brows and lashes. Until those get balanced out, I've been thinking that Latisse or its generic could be a good temporary solution. As it turns out, my mom somehow got her hands on a sample and is letting me use the rest of it (my lashes are naturally much longer than hers, but that doesn't do much good when mine are shedding). The thing is...I have blue/green eyes, with a little light brown ring around the pupil. And I like them very much. I've heard about the possible side effect of eye darkening (which I'd guess is more likely if you're dropping the stuff right into your eye, as in glaucoma patients), and I've seen in a few places that it happens only to those with hazel eyes. I'm wondering if "blue-green with a brown ring in the middle" is close enough to hazel, though :sad: So, those with various types of not-brown eyes who have used the product--did this happen to you? If so, to what degree?


    (and here's a pic of an eye very similar in color to mine...without the crazy makeup: )
  2. I used the Urban Decay Lash growing product (not latisse but similar in some aspect), I have green eyes and HAD no brown ring around my pupil. Sadly, now i DO have a brown ring around my pupil after using the UD Lash system for around 2-3 weeks. First I could hardly notice it but once the brown was increasing I stopped it, and my color has remained as it is now, so I've made a dent that I can't fix in my eye color.

    Proceed with caution if you want to keep your color intact, not everyone has the same results but some do have color change.
  3. Studies of Lumigan showed a pigment change in hazel or green eyes (although, the pigment change was only a small dot within the iris and it was most common in patients that had a higher degree of brown pigment that was already present), but keep in mind that Lumigan was put directly into the eyes. Iris darkening with Latisse is extremely unlikely when used as directed. I have read several articles that have said that there have been no substantiated documented cases of iris darkening with Latisse, but obviously, I have no way of confirming that.
    I have used Latisse with success and no side effects. However, I find that I have had greater success with a product called LiLash, which is not sold by prescription.
  4. I've never used Latisse, but I've been using Revitalash for about a year now and my lashes have lengthened an incredible amount with absolutely no side effects. It's also non-Rx, so maybe a bit easier to get ahold of!
  5. Mine haven't, but my eyes r very dark in color. My dr told me color change usually happens in ppl w light colored eyes.

    However, my lids darkened but now that I stopped using it, it went back to normal.
  6. I've been steadily using Latisse for a while now and I haven't noticed any color change. My eyes are hazel color (with more green than brown).

    I also haven't had any issues with eyelid darkening :shrugs:
  7. Yikes! I can't remember where I saw it but when Claire Danes was the spokesperson some website showed her eyes before her contract and after and there was a huge difference in her eye color and a bit in her lids. The few things I've heard have made me so nervous to try any of these products.
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  8. This is simply not true. Please do your research before posting things of this nature.
    When used as directed, Latisse has an EXTREMELY small chance of iris darkening. Those who have hazel eyes, or blue/brown or green/brown eyes are more susceptible (because the brown pigment is already present). In Lumigan patients (these were patients who used Lumigan for glaucoma), there was a very small number of them who had dark pigment changes (the pigment changes showed up as tiny dots or flecks of brown - not an overall iris color change). Lumigan is placed directly into the eyes in the form of eye drops. Latisse is not placed directly into the eyes. However, it is still a side effect that needs to be mentioned to patients considering Latisse. As far as eyelid darkening, yes, it's more common. I have it as a result of my over the counter lash growth stimulators. It is a faint pink line (much like if I used a liquid eye liner) along my top lash line. It is barely noticeable and doesn't bother me at all. It really is quite harmless and not something that I even think about.
  9. Girls be careful!!!Used Latisse for 1month on light aqua eyes and stopped as soon as I noticed. The change started with darker lines from pupil to outer iris and brown around the pupil merging out. Havent used it for about a month now and still darkening. My guess is that blue is ok but it may be the green. Oh and I did have great lashes for about a week. Not worth it!!!
  10. Your "guess" is just that - a guess. The people who are susceptible to it are individuals with brown eyes or hazel eyes or greenish-blue eyes. But the overall risk is less than 1 percent and that’s with the medication going directly into the eye. Most doctors agree that when used properly, the risk of increased brown iris pigmentation while using Latisse, is extremely rare.
  11. I have been using Latisse for about 6 months now and have not seen any change in my hazel eyes. I have noticed a bit of darkening on my lash line but I use an eyeliner everydy so it's not even an issue to me. And it,s not dark just a bit darker than my normal skin color.

    I have had zero side effects from Latisse. I am very happy with the product. Now I no longer need to wear mascara on a daily basis, only when I want a more dramtic look.

    Talk to your doctor and then decide. Everyone is different.
  12. Hi all. Just wanted to write a quickie for those with hazel eyes, who are considering using Latisse. I couldn't find a definitive answer about whether my eye color would change, so I was on the fence about trying it. I can say for myself, the hazel color did not change a bit and I do occassionally get it in my eyes.

    The only thing I noticed was a slight darkening underneath my lower lash line, also from being sloppy about the application. If you wipe up any residual drops, you probably won't get this. Still, even with the slight darkening, I wouldn't hesitate. I saw results quickly!.....within 2 weeks I could tell it was working. Just for reference I am 54, post menopausal.

    Hope this helps/encourages someone to feel more comfortable about using it.:biggrin:
  13. I am a new Latisse user as well and I didn't see any eye color change. This stuff is amazing! I also notice the slight darkening of the eye lid but not enough to make me stop using it. It just looks light faint eyeliner so it kind of works out.:P
    Latisse saved my life because I was a long time lash extension wearer and it ruined my natural lashes. Latisse has brought them back to life after just 3 weeks of usage so I am definitely a convert and am amazed by the results! :smile:
  14. I have used Latisse for a year now, and sadly my green eyes are starting to turn brown. The brown is coming from around the pupil and spreading outward. I used MD Lash Factor for 4 years back before the ingredients were changed (before Latisse was awarded sole ownership of that ingredient/drug – around 2006). It's hard to believe I could have used that drug for so long before without issue. Perhaps there is another ingredient in Latisse that is causing the problem. I don't know which is worse, losing my green eyes or going without lashes. Make no mistake, the lashes are real and fabulous. Both my parents and siblings have brown eyes, so I would imagine only those with latent brown in their green eyes could be affected. However, the color change is real and noticeable, it's a dark reddish brown and not complimentary to the rest of the blue/green/grey going on.
  15. I have used Latisse off and on for several years. I use it for my thinning lashes and brows. I have brown eyes and have not noticed any changes in the color of my irises, but there is darkening of color in my upper and lower lids. I looked as if I did not get enough sleep with circles under my eyes. Plus, I had some peach fuzz growing off the edge of my left eye above my left cheekbone. My facialist said it is from the extra Latisse that may have dripped off of my eyelid down my cheek! I love the way my lashes look, but hate that punched in the eye look. I always have a bottle in my cosmetic case, but use it sporadically because of the ugly circles I get under my eyes. In fact, my dermatologist actually sells a cover up specifically to address the skin discoloration issue.