Latinmalemodel's Collezioni

  1. I guess it's now safe to post my humble and LoVed Collection, well I am 19 years old and I been Collecting Louis Vuitton for about a year now and this is what I have aquired:nuts: I am verry picky when it comes to things like this but I hope to add more as time goes by I hope you guys like. :yes:

  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. I am sooo glad someone got the whistler so my innsbruck isn't alone haha. Love the Sacoche SO much!
  4. ^^^Thanx matt but I belive there are 2 other members who have it but mine is not as saggy:king:

    and I LoVe the Sacoche also is one of the most comfortable messanger bags you can wear...

    and ooops I forgot to take out the remobable wallet's on the MAge :sweatdrop:...

  5. Nice collection! I love all the Groom stuff :biggrin:
  6. love your collection and your ava is HOT!!!
  7. ^^^Thanx :shame:
  8. that's one fine collection for a 19 year old. im thoroughly impressed :tup:
  9. ^^^Thanx MR D :yes: I take that as a complement since I know you are not easily impresed but you can blame you'r selve for enabling me on getting the Sacoche MM lol
  10. AbFab collection! Love the shoe bag!
  11. Very, very nice collection :yes:
  12. Hot collection! I'm 19 as well although I've just got my first ever LV bag today, the Carryall!
    I'm 19 years old,like you, go and see my collection...I love Vuitton but I only got a Speedy 25...but I have some Guccis...:heart:
  14. i turning 19 soon lol;).....well still saving $$$ for my birthday...i luv my miroir i like yr groom agenda that cool.....:tup::tup:
  15. Nice collection