Latico Leathers

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  1. Does anyone have current experience with this brand sold by ebags? I searched the forum and the references were a couple of years old. In particular, I'm looking at the Latico Criss Cross should bag in purple as I want to add that color to my collection. Or would I be better off to save and get a Rebecca Minkoff or Botkier in a purple color? TIA
  2. I have owned Latico bags and think that they are cute - that said, they are not as "finished" as Botkier or even RM bags are, and you can tell the difference in the leather quality very easily. The stitching, lining, hardware etc. are definitely not in the same league as the other lines you mention. I wouldn't hesitate to get a Latico bag on sale if I wanted a sturdy leather bag that I didn't want to baby that would last for a year or two. That said, out of the list that you present I would definitely recommend Botkier first, then Rebecca Minkoff. I have owned both of these brands (and know RM in particular very well) and would say that Botkier is a better buy - the bags have better construction and hardware and Botkier uses more lambskin, which is much softer yet still very durable. Some of RM's designs are lovely but the quality and control and customer service for the brand is very spotty, to say the least.

    Just a suggestion: if you are willing to save for a Botkier, you might also want to consider Treesje, which is in the same price range. They have a very wide selection of styles, excellent leathers, and the attention to detail is amazing for the price - plus the customer service is great. In short: a win-win.

    Good luck!!! :smile:
  3. Thank you for the response. I saw a purple Latico on ebay for a good price, but I wasn't sure about the issues you mentioned. I also saw a RM Beloved in Purple Haze for a hgher price, which is the reason for my question. I've looked at Treesje and they get good reviews, but most seem too big and/or have no organization. I'm looking for a 12-14" wide by 9' deep, single shoulder or cross body strap, with external pockets or at least 2 compartments.
  4. I purchased a Latico purple leather bag, the leather was thick it was amazingly soft and the quality seemed really good to me. But the style was so odd, the flap would not line up with the bag, and this style really was too hard to close open and looked messy. But I'm sure the other bags are fine

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