Latex Gloves / Hand Protection

  1. Whenever i'm doing chores around the kitchen or bathrooms i always use latex gloves.

    I have a friend that is allergic to gloves like these, and i have friends who wash their dishes without gloves.

    I insist on using them all the time. my Husband doesn't wear them at all when its his turn to clean up after meals.

    How about you ?
  2. I always wear gloves when touching meat, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom or changing the cats' litter box. But I don't wear the latex kind b/c they smell funny to me. I wear something else. I don't know what they're made of...probably some sort of plastic. I buy them in big boxes at Home Depot or Lowes.
  3. I wear latex gloves when I'm cleaning around the house. I get these gloves by the box at my husband's dental office. (Buying them at the stores are actually more expensive, ask your dental or doctor's office if they will sell them to you.)

    And I wash dishes with rubber gloves. I don't want to ruin my nails and get dishpan hands. Also, I wash my dishes in such hot water, I can't get in there without the gloves!
  4. I don't wear them to do the dishes or clean up after meals, but I do wear them for kitchen and bathroom work during our heavier bi-weekly cleanings.

    Ask your friend to try powder-free nitrile gloves, which is what I wear now after I had a bad case of rashes and hives after wearing powdered latex gloves.
  5. Yes I wear gloves
  6. Since I got a dishwasher in my new condo I don't use gloves anymore since all I have to do is load it, and I don't cook meat since I'm a vegatarian but if I had to then I'd wear them.

    My sister does all the other chores and she wears gloves (like cleaning bathrooms..etc)
  7. I don't wear gloves to wash dishes, but I wear those big yellow ones to clean the bathroom. I'm terrified of getting cleaner on my skin, it really freaks me out...and I have to hold my breath while using tilex or something really stong, I'll run out of the bathroom to take a breath because it also freaks me out to inhale chemicals. yes. hah
  8. LOL I do something like that too!! I always use washing up gloves to wash dishes. My hands are already awful, particularly my thumbs. They are dry and cracked, and sometimes they can get a bit sore. I'm embarrassed of my hands. Obviously I don't wear gloves enough!
  9. Not everything is dish washer safe. In my house we have a dishwasher too !...... but we dont put our silverware, crystal glasses or china in it all. This has to be all hand done.

  10. Tilex is so strong, i usually make sure that i can open a window when using that stuff. :s

  11. I will. Thank you. The symptoms sound the same.
  12. I use latex gloves when cleaning/ handling raw meat. The feel of raw meat under my fingers is not pleasant at all! I use rubber gloves when I use really strong cleaning chemicals.
  13. I don't use latex gloves because I get an allergic reaction. I use powder-free nitrile gloves for cleaning the kitchen/bathroom/cat liter. I don't use it when I wash the dishes, though. I guess I should may prevent my hands from getting drier than they already are.
  14. I used to have a window in the bathroom, but not anymore, the closest one is the sliding doors in our living room, so it doesn't reallt work the same. :sad:
    I hate it, and my dog always wants to come in and watch, so its a battle to keep her out and the door wide open. haha
  15. Yes I would use gloves when doing certain chores.
    Now that my mum caught the MRSA virus after surgery, I have to wear gloves when doing her washing etc. She is in a private Nursing home now but insists that I take her washing home. I just can't say no, as we haven't told her that she has it, this would be like a death sentence to her!
    It is a nightmare & I have to use Hibi Scrub to wash my hands all the time. Even though I put on handcream my hands feel like a brillo pad!! Ugh!!!
    Thanks for this thread Prada good to have somewhere to say this where I won't be judged for feeling a bit weepy & resentful at the minute! I love my mum but times it all gets too much for me!
    It is such a huge strain trying to protect my own family!