Latest Vernis Color?

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  1. Hi All!

    I was at LV recently and inquired about the newest Vernis color. I asked the SA if it would be Grey like the color of the Sloane patent leather pump which is also in Amarante. He told me no and the new color was a secret. He then said they(the colors) are in keeping with the spirit Vernis line. They would be very fun and playful. Could this mean two-toned? Does anyone have ideas?:confused1:
  2. O the vernis line have new colors coming out?? Can't wait to see pics of it, I love this line.
  3. Along these lines ("fun and playful"), I heard they (yes, "they") would be bright (such as orange and green, which are the colors I heard mentioned though that could have been this person's guess). I got this info from an 866 associate.
  4. Why must we be tormented!? I want to know NOW! :smile:
    I saw mention of a color called Petrole and a two-tone blue violet........that would be stunning!
  5. :cursing: WHY don't they just tell us!! I can't stand getting 1/2 the information! If you are going to reveal some new vernis colors than reveal everything!!
  6. Is straight answer too much to ask?
  7. Wow, if the new color really two tone blue & violet, it must looks GREAT. Can't wait....Can't Wait. Just wondering when will they release information/pic of it.
  8. Wow, I am very excited to find about the new colors. I am not sure how I feel about two toned though, I guess I will need to see it IRL.
  9. I am guessing a jewel toned peacock green with a hint of blackish turquoise. Let's see if I am right!
  10. I'd have to own every piece in such a shade! :drool::drool:
  11. OH yes! I cannot wait. I just hope they won't be releasing anymore lighter colors that are prone to color transfer though.

    More fun Vernis colors is what we'll be needing. I'm excited.
  12. Any idea of release date?
  13. ^^^ I think he said fall, but I don't remember a month. I keep thinking October.
  14. That would be really pretty!
  15. I can't wait for the new colors.