Latest style questions...

  1. What is the difference between the Le Marais and a Chanel Flap?
    How did the Sharpei get it's name?
    Is the Hollywood collection the one with all the tassles?
    Do the classics/reissues ever appear on the runway - new color palettes. I only see totally different styles.
    Is the Brooklyn Bag a success? I finally saw it in tan but I am wavering on purchasing it ...
  2. 1. Le Marais is a ligne, the leather is VERY cool, there's a flap in the ligne, but it's a Le Marais Flap, not a "Classic Flap".

    2. I'm guessing because of it's ruching/wrinkles :yes:

    3. yes, I see Classic Flaps is bold colors on runways.

    4. :shrugs:
  3. Thanks for the help!!

    Chanel should hire you as their PR rep!! You are the best!!!
  4. LOL! I'd actually LOVE to go back to work one day so long as it was Chanel related!:drool:
  5. Swanky, you're too good...brains AND beauty! lol

    I'm so contemplating a Le Marais flap. They are really cool bags. If I can add to Harley's questions, how long has the Le Marais ligne been around? Is it limited and or seasonal? TIA!
  6. It's new this season, I personally don't know if they plan to do it again next season or not:shrugs: I'm sure someone around here knows! :biggrin:
    It's really so much more impressive IRL:yes:
  7. And it's somewhat decently priced...$1795 for the flap. :tup:
  8. the flap is a good size too!:yes:
    The finish on the leather is just so unique and TDF!