Latest Stock update from SH outlet

  1. I received this email from Lindsey this morning:

    Here is an updated list of what we have left....
    In the older prints, camo playground olive and camo playground black we have the following...50% off the retail....If I didn't write anything next to the style that means we have it in both prints.
    Buon Viaggio $74.00 completely sold out
    Campeggio $74.00 completely sold out
    Canguro $48.00 completely sold out
    Mamma Mia $65.00 completely sold out
    Scuola $82.00
    Bambino $48.00 completely sold out
    Luna $99.00
    Caramella $31.00 completely sold out
    Denaro $31.00 completely sold out
    Bella $60.00
    BellaBella $74.00 only in camo olive
    In the newer prints, Paradiso, Inferno and Fumo we have...25% off the retail....(If I didn't write anything next to the style that means we have it in all 3 prints.
    Portatelefono $63.00
    Caramella $51.00 only in Inferno and Fumo
    Denaro $51.00
    Luna $157.50
    Trenino $223.50
    Campeggio $120.00 only in fumo
    Scuola $129.00
    Bambinone $97.50 only in paradiso and inferno
    Stellina $97.50 only in paradiso and fumo
    Dolce $60.00 only in paradiso
    Bambino $81.00 only in inferno and paradiso
    Gioco $120.00 only in paradiso and fumo
    Canguro $81.00 only in inferno and paradiso
    Nuvola $138.00
    Bella $97.50
    Zucca $138.00 only in fumo and paradiso
    Buon Viaggio $120.00
    Mamma Mia $97.50 only in Paradiso and Fumo
    Corriere $138.00 only in paradiso and inferno
    CiaoCiao $120.00
    Ciao $90.00
    Bocce $66.00
    We are completely sold out of the following....
    Inferno Campeggio's
    Inferno Zucca's
    Inferno Stellina's
    Paradiso Campeggio's
    Paradiso Caramella's
    All baby bags
    All of the Tan Playground print.
  2. I think Ill wait till they go on to being 50% off and get some items--im being cheap cuz im broke hahah But thanks for the update chellie
  3. I'm going to wait for 50% off too. I wanted something in camo playground but I was thinking more along the lines of the caramella. I'll definitely be interested in what they have when inferno/paradiso go 50% off. :p
  4. if only i lived in the states, then i could ask the SH outlet to do a chargesend on my most-wanted Paradiso Zucca

    but since I'm from Canada, it'd cost me an arm and a leg for shipping fees :cursing:

    how come the SH outlet has waay more stock than the Seattle outlet??:confused1:
  5. i'm soooo tempted cuz i luv paradiso...but i'll wait till 50% off or if i don't like the new prints as much IRL... when are they going to be 50%off? do we really have to wait till christmas?! what if everything is gone by then...........?
  6. cool...I hope they still have stuff when Christmas comes around lmfao...gotta get my cousin something toki lol.
  7. hmm...i kinda want an inferno bella...
  8. ooh 50% off would be great ... I'll hold out :yes:
  9. if only they had camo dolces :sad: but yeah I'm waiting for a 50% off sale too! YAY
  10. MMMm Inferno bella kicks butt :tup:
  11. im sad cause there are no more inferno giocos anywhere but evilbay. grrrr there are greedy people who bought more than one for themselves(i know it! dont deny it!!!!). i dont get it. why would you need two bags in the same style and print for yourself?! in case one goes on vacation? waaaaa!!!! WAAAAAAA!!!

    i will have my revenge, someday i will. bwahahaha!! :mad:
  12. uh oh - i just saw a black camo bambino on LJ and now i kinda wanna get either a black bambino (which SH has no more of) or a black camo bella! bad, bad! *credit card slaps hand* does anyone know what Seattle or Woodbury have left? (i think someone said Woodbury was down to bare minimum in another thread)
  13. arghh everytime I see this thread it is so tempting ...

    so ummm what are the chances that the 50% off for camo black and olive jumps to 75% off? lol .. wishful thinking I guess ...
  14. i think anything camo would have to jump to 75% off for me to even consider buying one...ugh idk i still am not into that print.
  15. Haha. I was just like that, Jess! I did NOT like the camo print whatsoever. And I still don't like it. But the olive camo bella bella... I don't know... I guess the whole entirety of the bag just works and I love it and I waaaaaaaaaant one!! I'm exhibiting extreme self-control by not ordering one already!! I guess because I know if I get one, I'll be on a frantic hunt for the denaro like I am with the OP right now!