Latest shopping haul *pics*

  1. So here are my latest things... from LV - the bracelet is for me but the LV cup bag is my husband's.

    Yes, I also have some things from coach inclusive of a bag, wristlet, and phone charms.

    And yes, the last furry thing is my new Jack Russell terrier puppy I named Cooper. Hubby and I picked him out today.
  2. aww! very nice goodies..and the new pup is just way too cute!! love his name too!
  3. Ahh, your swag is fab, but your pup is glorious!!


  4. OMG i love that puppy more than your other purchases haha! congrats! too cute
  5. Congrats on the haul! Cute puppy!

  6. congrats on all the goodies!! what a cute puppy :smile:
  7. HI COOPER!!!!!!! :nuts: :yahoo:

    omg Cooper is gorgeous, love him!! He can play with Rufus!
  8. Great stuff! But I loooooooooove Cooper!! He's the cutest little thing!! :girlsigh:
  9. Great haul. Copper is a cutie.
  10. Love the Artminton- esp the dustbag it comes in! :drool: God now I want the Tourmentin just for the dustbag :roflmfao:
  11. congrats !
  12. Congrats! Hi Cooper... nice to meet you.
  13. Copper is so cute.
  14. haha ur doggie is so cute!!!
  15. Congratulations! Your dog is adooorable!