latest Roermond outlet experience

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  1. Hey Ladies (and Gentlemen),

    I wanted to share my Burberry experience from yesterdays visit to the Roermond Outlet in the Netherlands. I went there initially to look for some new office heels at Prada. Of course I paid a visit to Burberry but wasnt looking for anything specific (the Burberry heels I was after from last season have sold out everywhere in my size unfortunately).
    So I worked my way through the huge store until the sales rack in the Burberry London section caught my eye. I found this beautiful Blazer in navy, the size said it was a german 32 which is even too small for me. I always wanted to have a nice classic Burberry Blazer but couldnt afford to pay around 800€ for it. So I looked closer at the Blazer and from my visual judgement thought it doesnt look THAT small. I tried it on and it fitted perfectly :smile: The cut is very slim and a liitle longer, its just beautiful.
    Here is the best: it was discounted twice from originally 795€ to 220€ :graucho::graucho::graucho:
    I still cant believe my luck and dont recall any shopping haul that made me happier so far

    From my personal impression regarding the prices there were even better bargains that 1 month ago during official sales season.

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  2. Beautiful blazer, well done! I love going to Roermond, there's always some good deals waiting to be discovered :smile:
  3. Congrats! Its beautiful and what a awesome deal you got! We don't get that good outlet deals here in the US.:smile:
  4. Well this was an extraordinary deal, we dont get that good deals very often. I guess it was such a good deal because of the very small size..
  5. I feel like from the talk on the forum along with various other brands that European outlets do have better products and deals than the outlets in America. I could be wrong but i feel like that is the general consensus. Great buy!:smile:
  6. This is interesting. I have no experience with any outlets in the US, but so far I always heard they give much more discount than in Europe. Maybe this doesnt refer to the luxury segment!?
    In general, most outlets in Europe offer 30% discount.
  7. American outlets are awesome for American brands. Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren,etc are "cheap" compared to what you would pay in Europe, especially considering the discounts and exchange rates. So I think it depends on the brand and its nationality.