latest report-- what I saw in the store today!


Dec 10, 2006
well guys, it's been a busy month. Finally I take a break and go to the mail this afternoon. Of course I have to check the LV store. I saw----

1. both size palermo: nice and practical bag; GM may be as big as mezzo
2. Rubies: interesting look
3. gold suhali zippy wallet: gorgeous~~~ wordless :drool:
4. silver suhali lockit: love it
5. Griet (mono and damier): love love it, pretty big :graucho:
6. zippy coin wallet: little cutey, very roomy. I'm planning to get one:tup:

ok, I went to the store for checking Tivoli, but the sales told me that they are not sure when it will be released.

anyway, it was a nice afternoon. I got a huge bag of Lush stuff (love it), and some bargains from Nordstrom.:heart::heart::heart:


Jan 30, 2006
haha ..maybe or maybe NOT as I don't have a SA now and thus have no one to follow up on items:yes: I wish that elux shipped here as we have received very limited stock of
A/W items....have you seen the new suhali LE lockits yet???