latest report-- what I saw in the store today!

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  1. well guys, it's been a busy month. Finally I take a break and go to the mail this afternoon. Of course I have to check the LV store. I saw----

    1. both size palermo: nice and practical bag; GM may be as big as mezzo
    2. Rubies: interesting look
    3. gold suhali zippy wallet: gorgeous~~~ wordless :drool:
    4. silver suhali lockit: love it
    5. Griet (mono and damier): love love it, pretty big :graucho:
    6. zippy coin wallet: little cutey, very roomy. I'm planning to get one:tup:

    ok, I went to the store for checking Tivoli, but the sales told me that they are not sure when it will be released.

    anyway, it was a nice afternoon. I got a huge bag of Lush stuff (love it), and some bargains from Nordstrom.:heart::heart::heart:
  2. ^^ Thanks for your report ...did you see the mahina wallet yet??? I think the zippy coin wallet is so cute:heart:
  3. Nice! I saw the Gold Suhali Lockit the other day and it was SO pretty.
  4. ^^ really...what you you think is nicer gold suhali lockit or mahina XL in gris???
  5. ^^ ah hah so that's what you're eyeing. ;)
  6. haha ..maybe or maybe NOT as I don't have a SA now and thus have no one to follow up on items:yes: I wish that elux shipped here as we have received very limited stock of
    A/W items....have you seen the new suhali LE lockits yet???
  7. No I havent but would like to see them.
  8. thanks for the info. SHOEINHAND
  9. the Rubies are quite interesting...
  10. Thanks for the update! The Silver Suhali Lockit sounds incredible.
  11. Lol..well..for me, I like the Lockit a lot better. It's SO different looking.
    I've always been a fan of those gold and silver Le Fabs from awhile back so this one drew me in. :heart:
  12. thanks for the update! I cannot wait to see the Griet in Damier IRL!!!!!!
  13. no I didn't see any Mahina wallet. I really like the zippy coin :yes:

  14. I think I like the gold (lockit) one more :heart::heart:

  15. well, If I have to pick, I would go with gold lockit. it is realy realy pretty :drool: