latest purchases - only ACCESSORIES!!

  1. no bags this time...i think i'm good as far as bags go...i got my ink bleeker and my 2 carly's...i'm set for now.

    but i did pick up a few accessories:

    first off, is the new 'K' i love the brass and brown color.



    and here's the back:


    next up is the cashmere tatersall muffler...OMG GORGEOUS (and soft). too bad it's like...90 degrees today!!


    and i did get the Jenni sunglasses, but they are at the optometrist's office getting my prescription in's a stock pic (i got the black ones!):


    that's it!
  2. I just looked on the website and no letter "C" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :sad:

    well not yet anyways
  3. Arggh! I fell in love with that scarf when it first came out, but had since convinced myself that I did not need it!!! WRONG now that I have seen your picture!!! I must have it!!! :drool:
  4. I wish I lived somewhere cold again just to have cute scarfs lol
  5. Cute charm! I love your scarf as well.

  6. Lol, I wish I lived somewhere cold too...
  7. I'm so tempted to get the Legacy stripe scarf and now this one is singing to me as well!
  8. Loving the sunglasses, Kels!
  9. Great stuff! Love the K charm. I must have one of those!!!
  10. Wow I really like the scarf for this coming cold weather .. so cute :drool::yahoo:
  11. I want that scarf so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Alas, I live in south Texas and it stays so warm here... I might be able to wear it in January :rolleyes:
  12. Wait, can you get prescription lenses in regular sunglasses? I've always thought that didn't work with high-end sunglasses for some reason...and have been jealous for years at not being able to wear whatever cute sunglasses I want.
  13. me too at first!!

    but also it does depend on the style of the the oversized chanels, etc. they won't (at least my doctor) because the lens is too large.

    but there are a lot of optometry offices that sell designer shades. my specific doctor's office doesn't (which is why i bought mine separately), but the one on campus sells gucci, coach, etc.

    if i couldn't get my prescription i would have returned them, so i was ECSTATIC that i could get them done.
  14. I have the coach samantha sunglasses and the doc said they can't put rx lenses in the because the curvature of the lens is too big :sad:
  15. I picked up a C & D yesterday...